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I'll take photos of anything, anytime in any style.



Panasonic FZ5 (now retired)

M's Ricoh R6 ( retired)

M's Panasonic TZ15 (point and shoot retiredy)

Panasonic FZ18 (This camera was an amazing travel camera but now retired)

Olympus E300 antique DSLR now with an even more antique manual focus 50mm f1.8 Zuiko parked on it.

Canon G11 - I won this for doing this

Pentax Kx (Died -replaced with..)

Pentax K-50

with 18-200 Sigma, 10-24 Tamron, 50mm f2 Takuma, 28mm screw thread Makinon attached with reversing ring for Macro and 17mm Tokina canon mount also attached with reversing ring for ultra macro

Olympus OMD EM-5 (Died) Replaced with OMD EM-10 mk 2 with 14-150 Olympus

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