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The Archive:

The photographs of Nick DeWolf (that's Nick in the buddy icon -

Born in Philadelphia, later a Bostonian and later still a "hall of fame", fountain-designing Aspenite, Nick DeWolf was a unique, inspiring, engaging and curious soul. Co-founder of Boston's Teradyne Corporation, Nick was also a lifelong, extremely passionate and talented photographer, as evidenced by the images presented here at Flickr.

As a photographer, Nick was ever ready and ever present, leaving behind many thousands of pre-digital images, dating well back into the 1950's. He carried a camera with him at all times, usually a family of cameras. If you knew Nick, you got used to this ... eventually, he'd be pointing his camera at you.

I (the Archivist) am working to post Nick's images in their original sets as they are scanned and processed, somewhere in the order of 20-50 images a day. For those wondering about an endgame, as in "How much longer can this possibly go on?", I can only answer, "The mountain is high, the journey is long."

It is my hope and intent to eventually digitize every picture Nick DeWolf ever shot. It is also my hope and intent to post the images here on the web for the scattered members of the DeWolf family, and the public at large, to enjoy.

Nothing would have tickled Nick more.

So, here we go...the world through the eyes of my father-in-law, Nick DeWolf.


Steve Lundeen, Archivist / Seattle, WA, USA


If I have mislabeled or otherwise failed to properly identify anything or anyone in any of Nick's photographs, your attention to detail serves to impress and is much appreciated. Thanks in advance for letting me know....

For those interested in some biographical information on Nick DeWolf, I include the following links:

Nick's entry at Wikipedia is located here.

A terrific, brief biography of Nick is available here.

A text version of a 2005 interview with Nick is available here.

Nick was featured on the Flickr Blog in November of 2010. That blog entry can be found here.

Several original voice recordings, including Nick's "Poker Story", have been digitized from reel-to-reel tape, and archived here.

(Archival Video - added 10/2012)
A 15-minute video of Nick appearing on Aspen's GrassRoots Television (circa 1990), in which Nick offers his opinions on a divisive recall election in Aspen, is available here.

(Archival Video - added 1/2/2014)
Rehearsals for Squirt 95 - a 1995 celebration marking the 15th anniversary of Aspen's dancing fountain. Video features Nick as cameraman and videographer. Watch it here.


To search the archive...

Use the Flickr search bar as follows: type any word (for example, "dinosaur"), followed by "dewolf" (be sure to include "dewolf"), then hit enter. If Nick took a photograph of your search item, it should turn up in the results.

To find photos of Nick...

Photographs of Nick DeWolf can be found in this archive by typing "nd" and "dewolf" in the Flickr search bar, or by clicking here.

Interested in Nick's cameras?

Although no specific documentation of Nick's equipment exists, photographs of Nick with his various cameras can be found by using the following search terms: "nd" "dewolf" and "camera", or by clicking here.


Requests to use Nick's photos are welcome via Flickrmail. You may also contact the archive directly via:

nickdewolfphotoarchive [at] gmail [dot] com

High-resolution (up to 4000dpi) versions of most images are available for all approved requests.


Nick DeWolf's photography has been featured in various places and publications, including:

Froh! Magazine, Issue No.11 "Transit"
(Cover and various)

Dirty Old Boston: Four Decades of a City in Transition, by Jim Botticelli
(Cover and various)

"Embracing the Past Through Pictures" by Jennifer James McCollum
(Audio segment, KOSU Public Radio, Oklahoma City)
October 21, 2014

Boston Magazine:
July 2014

The motion picture "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" starring Ben Stiller

The Alpine Review:
Issue No. 1
Issue No. 2

LPV Magazine:
Issue #7

Cover Photo, "In the Meantime: Temporality and Cultural Politics" by Sarah Sharma

Cover Photo, "Grindhouse Nostalgia - Memory, Home Video and Exploitation Film Fandom" by David Church

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    Erik Griswold says:

    "I stumbled across one of Nick's photos while looking for a picture of old Penn Station in New York. Little did I know what an adventure of discovery awaited me. When you see a photo you like on Flickr, take an extra second to see some of the rest of that account-holder's photo stream; you never know where it might lead you!"

    January 27th, 2012

  • view profile

    bsabarnowl says:

    I saw this article about your work on facebook today
    As soon as I saw the article I figured it was yours.
    Congratulations on this recognition.
    I hope it increases your views

    January 23rd, 2012

  • view profile

    Daniel Fanucchi says:

    "Your photos are splendid, history an infinite pieces series, beautiful, incredibly fantastic! my best compliment"

    April 20th, 2010

  • view profile

    adewolf1 says:

    "Being Nick's eldest son it is surreal to see myself in these photos. It reminds me that sometimes my memory is either clouded or tainted.
    Thank you very much Steve for the Herculean task."

    August 18th, 2009

  • view profile

    craigfinlay says:

    "A stunning, day-by-day journey through America a half century ago. This project is simply unparalleled."

    March 11th, 2009

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    nortonoffgrid says:

    "When I stumbled across this archive I started by browsing the cocktail parties. Beacon Hill in that era, as even now, was all about the parties. Imagine my delight at finding several photographs of my surprisingly stylish parents at one of parties! I also found myself (at 12 yrs) working on the Hill House project. My brother and father were on the Tuckermans trip. Mom is the maid with the goat cart at the Pete Fanueil School playground.
    This body of work is an unexpected treasure and I look forward to more to come. Thank you for your dedication to Nick's art.
    James A. Norton"

    August 14th, 2008

  • view profile

    mattie b says:

    "I love to look at my contacts hoping to see new pictures from dboo. Amazing work. Thanks for sharing!"

    March 5th, 2008

  • view profile

    Jonathan Birge says:

    "This archival work is as important as it is beautiful. Every time I take a look I find something I can't believe the world almost missed. This kind of project is the very reason for Flickr."

    February 15th, 2008

  • view profile

    leah.jones says:

    "I've been following dboo's project for a few months. He is doing all of us a huge favor by making this slice of life public. Thank you for this gift of history, Steve!"

    December 16th, 2007

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