I studying Physics at Mississippi State University. I will graduate in the spring of 2009. I have had an interest in physics since I was in high school. I had a very influential physics teacher in high school.


When I came to Mississippi State, I started studying computer science. One semester, for fun, I took an Astronomy class with Dr. John P. Lestrade. The class was so captivating and exciting that I quickly changed my major to Physics with the hopes of going into Astronomy of Astrophysics. Time has passed and now have an interest in almost every realm of physics... It's my senior year and I am not sure where the world of science is going to take me next.


During my Sophomore year I met my wife. I met her through her roommate. Her roommate was one of my study partners in Pre-Calculus. One night we had a study group and my future wife decided to join the group. We started talking and by the they end of the night we had a date planned for the next evening.


After our first date, four and a half years later, we were happily married. We also have two beautiful Boston Terriers; Abbi and Walker.


I only take photos when I get some free time. I always experimenting with new techniques and I am easily inspired by other photographers. I am currently still in the learning phase. I hope someday to have honed my skills will enough to do some freelance work.


I have to thank Beth Barton for all of the help she has given me. She has been the most influential person in my photographs. I can't take a photo without thinking of all of the tips and tricks she has given me.Thanks Beth!

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  • JoinedOctober 2005
  • OccupationPhysics Student
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