Dark storyline visuals from USA-based photographer David Talley.

"Even the darkest of moments are followed by an explosion of light"

Rio, Brasil - Aug. 28-30
São Paulo, Brasil - Sep. 5
Sorrento, Italia - Sep. 11-13
Jaipur, Rajasthan - Oct. 23-25

Reserve your seat at www.davidtalley.io/workshops.

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    Kacie Robertson says:

    "David is an amazing photographer! Since the first image I saw of his, the newspaper walls and him making a funny face, I've been hooked. He breezed through his 365 with each photo being nothing less than spectacular and continues to grow and expand his ideas even now. His photographs have both the technical skill which is spot on but great ideas as well. He is a fantastic artist and I continue to look forward to where is photos will take him."

    April 3rd, 2013

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    *Leslie says:

    "The first time I got to see David's work was during the first weeks of his '365 Days' project. The next time I viewed his photostream, about eight months later, I couldn't believe the huge progress he had achieved!

    I was baffled at his dedication towards his challenge and his ability to carefully create a concept through an unique perspective, paying close attention to the little details and colors.

    I continuously find myself browsing through David's work when I'm out of inspiration, and every time I look at one of his photos I notice a detail or aspect that I didn't catch at first sight, because that's how impressive his work is. And apart from being so talented and determined he is also one of the nicest and down-to-earth people on flickr. I believe that he has the talent to go as far as he wants :)"

    March 31st, 2013

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    fancytheday says:

    "Today I was in school and I was showing my friend your photostream. The entire time that he was looking at your photos, he was in awe! David, your work is an epitome of fine art and hard work. I hope that you continue to grow with your photography and keep your sights set high! You are a continual inspiration to me, thank you for that :)"

    March 28th, 2013

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    Diego Chavarro says:

    "David, I'm writing this basically to tell you again, and let other people know that I admire you so much..

    It's awesome to write a testimonial to an artist that really deserves all the best. You (without even wanting), influence in a good way many people here on flickr. Some people may copy you, some people may want to be as you, but a lot of people such as me, get inspired and amazed at watching your work. Because there's nothing better to me, than feeling inspired; and your work is inspiring.

    Thanks to photographers like you, I've explored my creativity and that's made me improve a lot.

    I'm really looking foward to seeing your future work, you are amazing.


    September 30th, 2012

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    Naomi Grace says:

    "David, you are one of the very few photographers whose photos literally make my jaw drop. Your work on its own is incredible, but your 365 project is nothing short of phenomenal. To create such detailed, emotional, rich images something I admire so much; and to have done it every day for a year just leaves me in awe. I love the fact that every single one of your photos has an intriguing and captivating back story to them; and a rich texture of emotion, drama and basic human instincts. I aspire to be half as inspiring as you are some day, thank you for opening my eyes to a whole other world of photography.

    All the best, Naomi"

    August 8th, 2012

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    mattwilkey says:

    "Where to begin? Hmm, David your photography is amazing. It's so clear that you love and enjoy what you do. There's not one photo you've ever uploaded I haven't liked. You'r one of my favorite Photographers. You'r beyond amazing. My only dream would be to shoot with you one day."

    July 12th, 2012

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    Zelda's Zoom says:

    "I have been watching David's 365 for quite some time now and I am utterly amazed every day by what he creates. Every time I look at one of his photos I find myself thinking 'How the hell is he so good?' My family knows most of his work because whenever I'm looking at one of his photos I have to call them over and say "Look at this! Isn't it beautiful!" I am so sad to see his 365 come to an end... I think I will honestly have withdrawals when I can't see David's artwork every day. Also I feel like I should say how much David inspires me because I think as an artist that is one of the most incredible things you can do. He inspires me to try new things, to push myself, to learn how to kick ass in photoshop and I think most of all he reminds me to stay connected to what I create. David truly is an artist and I look forward to seeing what else he creates!"

    June 28th, 2012

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    Nick and the Whale says:

    I think I first came across your work one day while watching some of Brooke Shaden's behind the scene videos on youtube and your speed edit came up on the suggested videos page. I don't think I even knew who you were or even if you were on flickr or not I just remember being amazing impressed at the amount of effort you put into your day to day pictures but also at the caliber of editing abilities as well. Later on I finally found your stream on flickr and followed in awe as you just continued and continued to grow. The support you recieve here is definitely not shallow on any level. I truly believe that all of these people follow your work because on a very natural level you inspire. Your constant ingenuity is refreshing and each concept you come up with leaves us taken back at their beauty and uniqueness. I probably could have written this the first day I saw your photos but waiting until now has really let me appreciate how great you are as a photographer and person.
    Keep on doing what you're doing because it's working out!

    Sincerely, Nick"

    June 25th, 2012

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    Rebecca Bentliff says:

    I came here to write this, but I don't even know where to start. Since finding your work you have been such a huge inspiration to me and I fall in love with your stream more with each and every upload. You've fast become one of my favourites on Flickr and I always look forward to when your next photo will be up. I can't wait to see the sort of images you'll create in the future, if they're as brilliant as they are now I'm sure they'll be even more mind blowing as time goes on! You really are a true artist and, as I said, so astoundingly inspirational.


    May 13th, 2012

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    Mario Torres L says:

    "David Talley has changed the way of taking pictures. His 365 is making people aware of the effort you have to do if you want to be succesfull in photography. He shows with every single picture a different story, and the best of all is that you can be the protagonist of this story because you can feel the same feelings that he feels. He influences lot of photographers, and that's only possible because he is a genious. His creativity is from other world, and I know he will go places.

    I can't wait to see his last picture of his project, the day that he uploads the 365 picture will be an amazing day, because he can look to his whole project and he will see that he has improved with every picture he took.

    PS: This is my first testimonial and I hope the things I write make sense because I usually make mistakes when I write in English :S

    Thanks for sharing with us your pictures :)

    Mario Torres."

    May 4th, 2012

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    Gaietty says:

    David has those crazy blue eyes that he uses so well, you have to be brave enough to stare back at them! his images are strong, creative and nicely edited. Keep going! You're such an amazing artist ;) xx

    April 17th, 2012

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    Eduardo Acierno says:

    "well, i don't really write testimonials you know? and i can't believe i haven't written one for you!
    i remember once looking at your stream and then completely forgetting about it for a while... then, i came across one of your photos on explore and clicked on your name and i was amazed of how many AMAZING and stunning pictures i had missed!
    you're an awesome photographer, i love the stories you tell with each photo, the mood, the concepts, everything is just how i would've loved my 365 to be haha!

    never stop taking photos, ever."

    April 15th, 2012

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    nikki chicoine. says:

    "Gosh. I don't even know what to say. Because honestly your photographs have just blown me away. You can take anything simple and make it so beautiful. You inspire me because you try anything and everything in order to get that photo that you want. You know how to use texture, light, shadow, focus, and composition to benefit your photos rather than hurt them. It feels like you never run out of ideas and I'm constantly coming back to your stream to see the next best thing. You're so multi-layered because you are a master of the conceptual square image, but you can also take such beautiful standard portraits with such amazing lighting. Please never stop taking photos :)"

    March 24th, 2012

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    Marwane Pallas says:

    "Ok. This was supposed to be a comment but I spent too much time correctiing my English that it can't remain a simple comment.
    (note: I did not say that my English will be perfect.)

    Lets get straight to the point please.
    The way you "set up your scenes" always amazes me.You always put your ideas and very own vision first, it seems like you don't even care about "how hard it's going to be to get it right like you imagined".
    Your photos are always driven by your imagination and only by your imagination and not by the technical obstacles you might encounter. You love photography so much that you don't care about how difficult it can be. Even during the moments when you complain about your 365 and even when you're very hard on yourself, you still produce fantastic art.

    That's how I immediately recognize a photo by David Talley when I see one: imagination and passion (that and the fact that there's written "David Talley" next to it) And it's both admirable and fascinating.

    Oh and by the way, I think you're a great human being.
    Tu vends du rêve David Talley. Merci!"

    March 12th, 2012

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    martinak15 says:

    "David is amazing and his photos are unbelievable! Every day, when I see he's posted his photo, I get so excited! They're so creative and definitely inspiring! I feel like I could look at one photo for hours because there's so much detail and thought put into it. I am really looking forward to seeing what David does in the future!"

    March 12th, 2012

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    gurbir.grewal says:

    "This guy... I don't even recall when we first became acquainted with each other's work on flickr. All I really remember is the amount of genuine, kind, and constant comments he would leave on my stream (seriously, such a solid flickr contact)! And then what felt like out of nowhere to me, his work exploded in to a variety of concepts. His work is inventive, daring, emotional, thought-provoking, and just generally extraordinary! I was impressed with David from the get go, and now I keep being impressed by him upload after upload.

    You're going to go far David, no doubt."

    February 26th, 2012

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    Lori Joan says:

    "The other day I sat down and started at day one of David's 365 project. After literally an hour of reading his stories and seeing his art, it feels like I have known him forever. The way he conveys emotion through his portraits is like nothing I've ever seen before. You want to cry with him when he's sad, and celebrate when he's happy. This kind of raw talent is nearly impossible to find and for that reason, he has become, without a doubt, my number one favorite photographer.

    You're fantastic. Never forget it!


    February 24th, 2012

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    Spreading Wings Photography says:

    "All you need to know about David Talley:
    1.) You WILL get chills looking at his photos
    2.) You WILL leave his photostream feeling astounded
    3.) Your day WILL ALWAYS be improved and more inspired after looking at just a fraction of his work

    David, please just keep doing what you're doing so I can come back time after time and stare dumbfounded at my computer screen over and over again."

    February 22nd, 2012

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    Miguel Perèz says:

    "Wow,everytime I see a new photo from you, I get so excited. You've become such an inspiration to me. Your work is so flawless and always awe-inspiring. I just seriously am in love with your photos. Keep up the awesome work man!!"

    February 21st, 2012

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    Haley Marshall Photography says:

    "I remember discovering David Talley's stream last summer and literally saying 'Wow.'
    It's really hard to find someone that has so much passion for one thing. But David would definitely fall into that category. He pushes himself to the limit and steps out of his comfort zone, which is ultimately why he's such a great artist.
    David has developed into an even better artist since I saw his first photo and I believe he'll continue to develop.
    If there was an award for the most dedicated person to attempt a 365 project, I would definitely pick David as the winner. It never ceases to amaze me how he has the strength, energy and time to get up daily and create something beautiful, even when it's really hard."

    February 13th, 2012

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    christianbenetel says:

    "David Talley's pictures never cease to inspire me. I love how his pictures blurs the lines between what's real or fantasy. His photos have such natures tones about them but also bring out of this world results.

    All of his pictures tell a story and leave me wanting to know more about the characters and the situations they are in. His amazing storytelling and emotion evoking photos are breathtaking and are a true inspiration for any photographer.

    Never stop what you're doing David, your 365 makes me want to work harder as a photographer and your pictures make me strive to improve everyday, great stuff man!"

    February 11th, 2012

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    redheadC says:

    "well, if you've seen any of david's work, you will know that he is a genius. he isn't afraid to make very real statements about life and emotion, and expresses those statements through his art. he puts his whole self out on the line for his artwork. though i do not have the pleasure of knowing him very well, david seems like the guy that knows how to please himself and others at the same time, which can be a very tricky thing for artists to do. he has a very specific style that can be recognized by many. for me, david is an inspiration. considering his young age, he makes me believe that i can achieve all the ambitions that i hold dearly to my heart, even if i'm still a teenager. he makes the impossible seem attainable. thank you, david."

    January 31st, 2012

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    Touryn says:

    "Before I discovered David, I had no idea just how amazing photography can be. I took photos, but then I saw his photos. He opened up a new world for me. He's inspired me to try new things and look deeper at the world around me. There's only a few artists out there who truly inspire me, and this guy is one of them. I'm always on the edge of my seat waiting to see his next masterpiece, because I know it'll outdo the last one. He's constantly growing!

    I don't know if he knows this or not, but he gave me courage to step outside my comfort zone in my own self portrait photography, because that's what this whole self portrait thing is about =)

    Cheers, Touryn. (Amanda)"

    January 31st, 2012

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    Siréliss {2010} says:

    "David is amazing, David is a genius. There are no other words.
    I can't believe he does a 365 days project with so much creativity and talent each day. It's impossible, but he does it.
    He improved like no one (he still improves !) and I can't stop looking at his pictures.

    David, you're amazing. Please, never stop taking pictures."

    January 6th, 2012

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    Kiara Rose says:

    "I decided to re-write your testimonial because since the time I wrote it, you've developed so much. There's something about your photos that is magical. Each and everyone. I don't know how you do it David, but I don't think you've ever created a bad photograph.
    Despite how much you may doubt yourself at times, you should really have a look at how much you are appreciated on here. You are honestly, becoming one of the most inspiring photographers on this site. I hate that your 365 is slowly coming to an end, because watching you grow, and learning more about you through the stories that your photos tell is something I, and many others, look forward to every day. You are ridiculously talented. Without a doubt, you inspire me most.
    Oh & maybe one day you can take photos of me?
    You are never alone, David."

    January 2nd, 2012

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    Billeh Ratsphangthong says:

    "David is one of the nicest and most talented people on Flickr. I've been watching his photostream for quite a while now and thought he deserves another testimonial. His talent is just too incredible to resist, it's obviously well earned. His work never ceases to amaze me, and his comments are always so genuine & interesting to read. I'm glad I got to became friends with him, and to see his improvement strive every day as a photographer portraying his visions of the world into his photos.

    P.S. David is obviously God in a human body."

    December 30th, 2011

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    child is a rebel. says:

    "okay, first off, you are amazing. i say it just about every comment, but with each picture you produce, it just furthers my point. so, i figured i'd put it into testimonial-form.
    i don't know the pressure of a threesixfive. i've never attempted one myself. that being said, i suppose i don't have an experience dealing with the pressure of uploading a work of art every day so, i'll admit, i may sound very naive in what i'm about to say (but, i mean every single word): if my completely & totally, simply utterly inspired pictures looked like your "uninspired" pictures, i might just be set for life. i don't know what its like to have to produce such beauty each day, but i know that the way you do it is simply magical. you are honestly one of my biggest inspirations & i'm purdyyy positive you hold this role for many, many others.
    i love many things about your work, but especially how insanely creative you are & how you translate this into such incredibly emotive work. as opposed to overshadowing the picture, i feel like your editing enhances it, a quality i feel is often times, sadly, lost in today's world of editing. you manage the perfect poses & expressions time & time again, & i really haven't a clue in the world how you do it.

    David Talley, i do believe you & your work is the essence of magic.


    December 28th, 2011

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    Tori Toguchi says:

    "All the testimonials that you get? All are very much deserved. In fact, I'm unsure why you have such little testimonials when it's obvious that you have such amazing work! Also, you improved in such a short time that I my jaw just.. well, it dropped. Your work is very inspirational.

    Your work is just creative, an amazing use of your imagination, put together in such an amazingly gorgeous and stunning way! Totally makes me jealous! You are no doubt, absolutely talented and full of potential and just an amazing photographer!"

    December 18th, 2011

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    ItsEmma says:

    "You have become one of my favourite photographers here on flickr, your work is all so inspiring!
    I look forward to every upload of yours and you never disappoint.
    Keep up the fantastic work :)"

    December 8th, 2011

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    [Daniela Brown Photography] says:


    David is an absolutely AMAZING photographer. No joke. He's simply amazing"

    December 5th, 2011

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    Becca Nicole says:

    "Ohkay, so I've been following David's photostream for a while. And I have to say, this kid never ceases to amaze me. His photography, his editing skills, his creativity. It's just amazing.
    David, your photos make me happy. They are amazing, and you're going to be famous one day. You're one of the most amazing people I've met on here.
    There are so many more things that I want to say (and that should be said) but I just can't find the words to say them.
    So, I'll leave it at this: David, you're amazing, and don't ever forget it. And never stop taking pictures.


    November 28th, 2011

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    Mell P says:

    "Davids photographs are truly something. I look forward to his pictures everyday. And everyday, he manages to amaze me.
    Your photos are always stunning, please, never stop taking pictures.
    Every one of them has meaning, emotion and a beauty about them. I can only hope to one day be as good as you are."

    November 25th, 2011

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    Kelsey Ann Thomas says:

    "I believe what is most inspiring about David Talley's 365 is that it is an actual day-to-day 365; and its not shit either. Every picture is thought provoking and original. I can only hope that someday we will work together"

    November 15th, 2011

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    alarksphotography says:

    "David Talley.
    You are one heck of a photographer. The scenes you come up with blow me away.. It's like watching a movie all in one still. I congratulate you for staying dedicated to your 365 and doing so with such passion. It really shows how much time, effort, and thought, that goes into each and every photo. And with the well deserved popularity that you have gained, thank you for remaining a great contact. Since Day 50/365.
    All the best to you,

    November 1st, 2011

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    • DX says:

    "i just can say that... simply, i love your photos, love your talent!"

    October 7th, 2011

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    Maike Born says:

    "Dear David,

    I wanted to do this for soo long, but I don't even know what to write about you and your talent.
    All these people below wrote so nice things!

    Your 365 got very good.
    I love your ideas, they're very unique.
    You have a lot of ideas and even when you don't have any ideas, the idea in the photos are always great.
    I love how you edit the colors and the tones.
    The best thing about your 365 days project is that you're improving your style and all about your photos a lot, and that's why I like it very much.

    You're photos are magical and each of it makes my day!
    I'm glad to know you, 'cause you have a great personality. You're funny but gentle.

    I like you! :) (and Sorry if there are any english mistakes)

    Yours Maike"

    September 25th, 2011

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    sophie.pearl says:

    "Hey man, we've been flickr friends for a long time now and I've watched you grow and evolve into a flickr famous picture taking crazy shoots visionary. Just wanted to say keep it up because I can't wait to see what you come up with next! You have easily become one of my inspirations :)
    Stay excellent,

    September 19th, 2011

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    emsbems94 says:

    "Hey David! :D
    I doubt I'm the first to say that you photography is absolutely stunning and awe-inspiring; the photos that you take are always so creative and original. Your ideas and the way you execute them often leave me staring at my computer screen for a few minutes before I can bring myself to write a comment about how in love I am with a particular photo. I hope you never, ever stop taking photographs, because I guarantee the world will have a bit less beauty in it if you do."

    August 31st, 2011

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    ambernoelle; says:

    "David David David.
    In the short time that we have been contacts I have seen your work grow exceptionally! With every upload you present a new, creative, original idea that literally blows not only my mind, but many others as well.
    The angles, the settings, focus, ideas, colors & tones in and of your photos are always so wonderful!
    You and your stream are becoming such an inspiration to me. One of those people I really strive to be as good as one day.
    Keep up the AMAZING work and it'll take you oh so very far. :)"

    August 22nd, 2011

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    Liisa Härmson-Hole says:

    "David is a modern genius. His concepts are always incredibly exciting, venturous, creative, fun, clever and absolutely brilliant. Seriously, that dude's brain is able to produce some mindblowingly good stuff. It's official, I'm completely addicted to his pictures!

    Oh, and he's also one of my most awesome flickr friends :) I'd most certainly recommend David to anyone haha."

    August 19th, 2011

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    hiding in shadows says:

    "David Talley is one of the most brilliant artists I know.
    His attention to detail is astounding.
    His brain works overtime creating new concepts.
    He's going to be my claim to fame, because trust me, this guy is going places.

    The end."

    August 18th, 2011

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    GillyFace says:

    "Your photos have got to a point where they make my eyebrows ache. O_O
    Luls. That doesn't sound like a compliment...but when your face is constantly holding an expression of amazement, that's what happens...

    You're a lovely person with all your comments and such, and a real artist.
    I'm glad we bumped into eachother on Flickr. :)"

    August 17th, 2011

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    RachelMarieSmith says:

    "First off...David Talley, you're so nice! David's also a really talented photographer. I'm amazed by his detailed focus and vibrant use of color and detail that he uses in his photos. I love that he tells a story with each of his photos like stills from a film. I truly enjoy David's 365 and look forward to his future work."

    August 12th, 2011

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    *amanda lynn says:

    "Davids pictures are amazing! He is such a inspiration to everyone! his editing skills are out of this world! He is also one of the nicest people on flickr. I know he will continue to take out standing photos!"

    August 12th, 2011

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    Thomas Brodtmann Valenzuela says:

    "Wow, just wow. Wow. David Talley is just a super genius. He's like Albert Einstein of photography. He is just mindblowing. There are a few things I have to say about David:

    1. His creativity just never seems to end. His concepts for pictures are just super-creative... you will never find a guy with that amount of creativity.
    2. All of his pictures are amazing... not a single picture he has is not amazing... every picture is unique and amazing!
    3. He actually cares about what you post. The first time I saw a comment of David on a picture of me I felt like I had just seen Lady Gaga or Beyonce... I was like "Wow! he looked at my pic!"

    If I could describe him in one word, it would be CREATIVE."

    August 2nd, 2011

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    Juanfer Penagos says:

    "I don't really know where to start with David.
    David's photos are just pure magic, he puts a lot of effort and time to his photos that he just make them wonderful.
    He puts something unique and special in the photos that not a lot of photographers can.
    His creativity is amazing, the name of the photos are great, what he want to express in a photo he really express it.
    He, as a flickr contact, not only is very active (of course he is doing his 365) but he also take the time to watch your photos and make comments which are very constructive and nice.
    And he is ver kind, he is really a good person. I remember I send him a flickrmail long time ago saying that I love his work and he was so nice that answer me in a very cool way. Not a lot of people answer in that kind of way, some of people dont even answer.
    And he is a person that you say... I would like to meet him one day haha.
    Keep doing the excelent work you do. :)"

    July 19th, 2011

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    Casey David says:

    "Mr. David Talley is such a unique artist on Flickr. His work melds nature with a sort of... suaveness. I can't really describe it. He is also an extremely supportive and active user on here and often leaves wonderful and helpful comments. It's something I really value - being willing to express his own opinion while making awesome photos."

    July 17th, 2011

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    Keith Allso ( @dolphiniow ) says:

    "David is a very tallented photographer, he is very inspiring and i love his work.
    I have been following his work since the start and he keeps getting better and better all the time.
    Please take the time to look at all his work, ( its great )and please leave coments. I just do boats really but would love to have the imagination and drive David has.
    Keep up the good work and never stop taking Photos"

    July 7th, 2011

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    Evie Barker says:

    ""I really should have done this ages ago...but here it is now.
    David's photo's are just...amazing to say the least. Each one is different, creative and emotive. You can tell exactly how he's feeling by just looking at the photo.
    Not only is he an amazing photographer, but he's also a genuinly lovely guy. His comments are always so nice and give me so much confidence in my work.
    Thankyou for doing what you do.
    Always an inspiration to me and many others.

    Evie :) ""

    June 24th, 2011

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    Katharine Hannah. says:

    "I haven't been following you for very long but I feel like you deserve a testimonial.
    I think I am literally in love with your pictures. You take simple concepts and twist them into something so incredible, regular human beings can't even begin to fathom. Your use of nature makes me feel like I'm out there enjoying it with you. I love the way I can understand what you're feeling just by looking at your pictures, without you having to say a word.

    You inspire me endlessly, please never stop doing what you're doing."

    June 13th, 2011

  • view profile

    Nick Silvestri says:

    "David's photostream is one of the best that I've come across on Flickr. I envy the amount of creativity and effort he puts into his work every single day. Not only are his photos amazing, put he's one of the best contacts I've seen. Not only does he comment on my photos, but I always see his comments on a lot of other peoples' photos too!

    I know that you're going to be Flickr famous by the end of your 365, if it keeps being as amazing as it is now!"

    June 6th, 2011

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    Ethan Coverstone says:

    "It wasn't too long ago that I stumbled onto David's stream, and I can say that I have been obsessively following it ever since. Your 365 is taking you places. Mark my words. =P
    David, you are a fantastically creative artist, and I enjoy keeping up with your work. You bring a fresh, inspiring energy to photography that makes me want to jump up and grab my camera. THAT is pure inspiration, folks.
    No only you one of my most creative contacts, you're one of the friendliest. You always have some sort of constructive criticism or some sort of friendly word.
    I am absolutely appalled that no one has written you a testimonial yet, but I am so happy to be your first.
    David, keep doing what you love, because we (the Flickrstream creepers) love it too! =)

    - Ethan"

    May 31st, 2011

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