"Fear is the darkroom where negatives are developed. "


My name is David Parks. I'm 18 years old and live in Edmond, Oklahoma. I cannot think of a better way to describe myself than as a storyteller. I got into photography in February 2008 and am loving every minute of it! There is so much to learn and do. Flickr has helped me and my photo career so much. I would not have been near as experienced as i am without the help from all of you guys!

All of my photos are © copyright. Please inform me if you are going to use any of them!

Visit my website! www.davidparksphotography.com

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My Equipment so far:

Nikon D700!
Nikon D200
Nikon 70-200mm VR 2.8
Nikon 24-70mm 2.8
Sigma 10-20mm
Nikon 50mm 1.4G
Nikon 50mm 1.8 (for macros)
Nikon SB-600
2 Nikon SB-80Dx
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    Jessica Hellman says:

    "I don't know why I've waited so long to write this wonderful fellow a testimonial, but today is the day I finally do it.
    Basically, David's pictures are mind boggling. Every now and then I'll see a picture of his and I won't understand how he accomplished taking a photo that's so strange, but the thing is, he makes it look incredible. I always love seeing what he's got coming next, his pictures keep getting better and better! :)"

    April 14th, 2010

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    Reese Chance Photos says:

    "I've known David for a while now, and i have to say that he is one of the coolest people i know. But besides that, he is an amazing photographer. He is great at being in the right place at the right time to get just the right picture. He has helped me a ton, i wouldn't be even close to what i am as a photographer without him. David Parks is a photography beast!"

    April 5th, 2010

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    sourpatch. says:

    "David, your photo shopping is INCREDIBLE. you make things look so simple that i have attempted and massively failed at. so yes. you DEFINATELY need to be a professional photographer when you grow up. well.. you are .. kinda grown up. not sure how old you... but anyway. just wanted to say keep it up. i love it when you upload."

    February 8th, 2010

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    Connor Brereton Photography says:

    "Davids pictues have inspired me to do more landscapes...even though i havent had the time yet :) haha. anyway its nice to know someone my age who loves to shoot like me."

    October 31st, 2009

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    dgbdfw says:

    "David is a great person, the first time I met him you can tell the love he has for photoghaphy. He has done so much in so little time. He is out of this world talented. I could not believe my eye and to have only been taking photo's since 2008.. i was was amazed. HE SHALL GO FAR!!!.
    pure art man , pure art."

    June 29th, 2009

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    j417.L says:

    "i love his work! it's genius.
    i love the post processing, the compositions, everything.
    he seems to find beauty in the most unexpected places,
    and his perspectives and angles make his photos all the more interesting to look at. it's hard to grasp that he is about the same age as me.
    i take inspirations from his photos, and i really enjoy viewing them.

    oh, and i'm extremely jealous of all the equipment he has :)"

    February 16th, 2009

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    Koribrooke. says:

    "David is a super awesome photographer. I've met him only once but he is still super awesome. ;) His nature shots can beat yours any day."

    April 17th, 2009

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    jtsteeves says:

    "His photos are simply amazing. Every single one is fantastic. There is never a dull photo from David. It amazes me to think that he only got into photography like a year ago. It is definitely worth it to check out all of his photos."

    April 21st, 2009

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    Les_Stockton says:

    "I found David's work originally when doing a flickr search on other Oklahoma-area photo enthusiasts. I do that to see what others are shooting in my area, hoping to draw inspiration. I found David to have a keen eye for what is artistic photographically and or interesting to see."

    January 31st, 2009

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    Just Some Kid says:

    "I dont know why David doesnt have any testimonials yet, because his shots are so awesome. He produces amazing work with great post production and vibrant colors. David constantly Impresses my with his photostream. Be sure to check him out!!"

    September 9th, 2008

David Parks
January 2008
The 405
Edmond, Oklahoma, USA
I am:
Male and Single
Photographer, Storyteller, Brother, Friend, Child of Christ
David Parks Photography