Dmitriy Khaykin's love of photography grew from an early age, a time in Russia when he used to help his father develop black-and-white film in a make-shift bathroom-turned-darkroom.


That love, combined with a desire to see the world and travel, cultivated Dmitriy's interest and skill in Photography.


Over the years, Dmitriy has travelled to places such as Iceland, Australia, Alaska, the Canadian Rockies, the Grand Canyon, Ukraine, and more, sometimes with the sole purpose of photography in mind.


This turned into a true love of landscape photography, inspired along the way by the work of the great Ansel Adams and by the unique beauty of the places Dmitriy has visited in his life.


It is Dmitriy's purpose with his photography to share that beauty and the joy it brings into his life to be in the presence and awe of that beauty, with the world.


What a photographer captures will never compare to the real beauty of nature. And, therein lies the difference - it is the eye of the photographer, the choices he makes in what to include and what to exclude when framing a scene, that make his style distinct. Dmitriy's style is one that transports you into the scene, as if you were there - it is his intention to do so with every shot.


Additionally, Dmitriy believes in doing a lot of things the old-fashioned way, using Graduated Neutral Density filters, Tilt-Shift lens, long exposure, light painting, and other techniques to ensure a shot looks as close to the vision as possible before it gets into the digital darkroom for what is normally minimal processing, unless a shot calls for a unique style of its own.


Finally, Dmitriy also combines his love of the automobile and motorcycle with photography, and can often be seen photographing a beatiful Italian motorcycle or German luxury/sports car always on-location with a beautiful cityscape or natural backdrop for each shot.


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