David is a 30 year old photographic artist from London.

David grew up in the village of Waddesdon, Buckinghamshire. He later attended Oxford Brookes University, attaining an Honours degree in Ecology and Environmental Biology.

His passion for photography began at a young age. Receiving his first camera at the age of eight, David honed his skills capturing images of the local countryside on the Waddesdon Estate. David began to take photography seriously while at University, but it was only after graduation and the opportunities to travel the world did David discover his passion and adapt his style. Ironically, David has developed a passion for urban and architectural photography, often comparing their likeness with structures in nature.

David employs simple techniques and does not rely on any form of advanced processing. He has never been formally trained in any aspect of photography, but would ultimately like to submit a body of work to the Royal Photographic Society.

In his own words: “My work has always designed to be observational rather than interpretive. Simple and emotive. After all, your eye catches subtleties – light, juxtaposition or texture, whether that’s in a building, a landscape or a cloud formation, and I aim to capture that on camera. I've always been drawn to the detail and intricacy of the world around me, doing nothing but celebrate what was beautiful enough or interesting enough to want to capture the image in the first place. Some of my collections have been described as ‘postcard photography’ but I am quite happy with that description."

David has a collection of work available for sale as reproductions via Fine Art America and Fine Art International.

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    mitko_denev says:

    "David Gardener has an eye for the beauty in the world. His photos create a comprehensive portrait of the countries he has been to. Looking at them my wandernlust feeling grows stronger and stronger. Many thanks for sharing!"

    December 20th, 2010

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    vustyle says:

    "I think I added more of your photos than anyone else's to my favorite list. You have a great sense of space, color, dimension, and how to place yourself at the right place, time, angle for just that perfect shot.

    But it's more than that, since each of your photos have a theme you're subconsciously trying to convey. I think that's what make your photos so special."

    January 23rd, 2010

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    Edmontonenthusiast (gone!) says:

    "davidgardner is a talented photographer that has taken many surprisingly good photos of places around the world. The USA, Asia, Europe and on. Very artistic of a photographer."

    March 23rd, 2009

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    Brandon Godfrey says:

    "David Gardener has the eye of the photographer. Having a browse through his photostream is like a brief glimpse of the world. From the old world buildings of Europe to the modern towers of Dubai and New York City, It seems David has covered it all.

    What i enjoy most about david's photostream is his style. His pictures are nothing short of iconic, and the scenes he captures are inspriring. One of my favorite photo's by David is Manhatten Skyline.

    I would just like to say, your photos are great david! I will continue to browse your photostream on a regular basis. Cheers from Victoria B.C"

    March 10th, 2009

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