There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.
                                                                                          ~Ansel Adams

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I try to take good photos, and I hope you find that I sometimes succeed. You can find my most "Interesting" images (i.e. popular on Flickr) in this set or here:

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Most of my photos are fully Copyrighted (All Rights Reserved), but I usually allow them to be used for free by non-profit organizations or individuals for non-commercial use. If you are interested in using any of my photos, please contact me.

Below are some samples of my photos. (Click on a photo to visit its page.)

Going home: for gigilivorno
Tired of fleeing, I cower and wait...upward vertigo
split-level at Machu Picchu
Swan Pair and Skyline
CHUM-City Building, Queen & John, TorontoBeyond the top of the escalator
Order in the city: for swisscan
passing by

Why is my handle "Now and Here"?

I think it's important to fully experience the present. The now and here is really all we ever have, and we should learn to appreciate it fully, rather than occupying ourselves too much with the past or the future or the elsewhere. My own mind is prone to hanging around in those other times and places while ignoring what is right around me, now and here. So I value any activity that makes me feel fully aware and alive within the present. And that's what photography often does, for me.

That makes sense, considering what photography is, I think: an attempt to find something of value amid the swirl and flow of time and space -- now and here from one perspective -- and capture it so that we can see it, marvel at it, try to understand it, and share it with others. At its best, photography reveals the timeless in the now and the universal in the here.

Of course, my own efforts at photography haven't reached anywhere near that ideal. But the journey is enjoyable, and some of the results are gratifying if not spectacular. I am still developing my knowledge, experience and skill. I hope that others enjoy my photography and find something of value or interest here... just as I often do in the many wonders created by other and better photographers on Flickr.

Thanks for stopping in, and not just marching on by, like these gentlemen:

Taking care of busy-ness

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  • Ciao ciao by Maurizio De Feudis
  • Toronto's CN tower @ night by Eyesplash - Summer was a blast, for 6 million view

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    "This guy has an amazing stream, but instead of running off after posting images, he really takes the time to look after his contacts, and leaves constructive comments that really make sense. And I bless him for it. Keep up the good work David!


    April 10th, 2009

David Farrant
February 2008
Toronto, Canada