Hi y'all! -and welcome :)

So you stumbled onto my personal little Flickr spot on the Internet. I hope you enjoy it. so a little about myself and my gear.

Me, myself and my camera
My name is David, I'm a professional photographer. By that i mean i earn money on taking pictures. It all started out as a hobby though like anything else. Most of the images in here are more "creative" - Most of my work is press related but it happens that i do studio shooing as well. I have my own studio located the same place as my company. Besides photo i do design and artwork, this "blog" is only about photos though.

I'm always keen on meeting new people, i love to share and learn from other fellow photographers. So don't hesitate to add me as a contact in here, your more than welcome. Also you can always contact me if you have any questions.

It's been a while since I've really used Flickr. Mostly I'm just posting images on my private pages but once a while i think it's funny to keep this updated as well. Flickr for me have become more a "dump" where I can release all my pictures to the wild rather than the few selected i got on my private pages.

My work and style
I've always wanted my own style, and it's very important actually. Your personal style is what brings your images that last touch of life. To mimic and copy is to be inpatient and dead you could say.

I always been a fan of lucis and momographic pictures.
I tend to bend em that way. Most of my pictures are post-processed, i believe that it's an important step to get that look you saw in a picture.

My sites
my private site
my pixelpost blog
Visionphoto - my company
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David Bjørnsten-Lindhard
March 2008
Copenhagen, Denmark
I am:
Male and Single
Photographer / CEO / Designer