I'm 75 (born Oct. '44) and queer. I'm not the least bit shy but quite reclusive. I'm one of those guys attracted to late teens and early 20's. guys (Ephebophilia). Not sure why that is but few guys turn me on and I'm attracted to the 19-22 range, mostly. Circumcised and in shape. I like getting naked, love bikinis. Have a lot of them. This stream is FULL and no new photos are being posted. Homepage: ButchNaked.com I live in Vancouver, Canada. Check out my FAVES to see what kind of guy I like to take to bed.


Not a typical "gay" guy. I don't apologize for my genetics. I'm a stranger in a strange land, an alien trapped upon this barbaric planet called Earth. HELP. Seeking intelligent life forms. The Fungi are winning, so far. Visit my homepage to find me: ButchNaked.com


I get naked... totally naked, here. I separate the self-righteous bonehead hypocrites from the crowd by letting it all hang out, boners and all. FREE to DOWNLOAD and SHARE nude photos of me. A visual artist, videographer and photographer, unashamedly QUEER. Yup... I'm queer.


I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I paint in acrylic, oil and alkyd paints. I'm into Theoretical Particle Physics.

VISIT ME AT MY OTHER PHOTOSTREAM (this one is full)... www.flickr.com/photos/butchnaked



I post photos here to give away, for free. FREE TO DOWNLOAD AND SHARE. GO NUTS. I'm poor and can't afford a service, this one, I don't need. I've got tons of storage at home. I don't need online storage nor can I afford it. I'm giving away photos for free. If you love this site, please donate the PRO fee for it. Seriously, I'm old, poor and can't afford it.


This site is FULL. It has over 40,000 images, free to download and share. While I'm still alive, I live to masturbate often and keep a home page at ButchNaked.com


If you wish to download and save photos, do it now. The fastest way to find stuff is to look at my albums. For instance, if you want to see me with boners, look for an album of me with boners. If you want photos of my cock and balls, there are albums with just photos of my penis and testicles. Free to download and share.

Butch says "it's been fun but bye-bye, I will not be uploading to this site again.


12 May, 2020. Butch is still alive and masturbating. PS... I don't do social media but keep a homepage at ButchNaked.com while I'm above ground.




While I'm above ground I keep a homepage at ButchNaked.com


I keep a YOUTUBE channel at YouTube.Com/ButchNews


Best regards from Butchy Poo. Visit me at ButchNews.com or ButchNaked.com

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  • JoinedMay 2013
  • OccupationRetired
  • HometownHamilton, Ontario
  • Current cityVancouver, British Columbia
  • CountryCanada
  • Emailbutchpatrol@yahoo.ca
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