Hi and welcome to my flickr gallery.


My photography interests include high-speed photography, general macro, flowers, low-light stuff, marine [underwater] photography, still life, commercial & product photography and off-camera flash (Strobist). I don't really do a lot of portraits, at least for now.


Landscapes bore me to tears ....


For all topside photography I use an Olympus E5 and various speedlights made by Nikon and Olympus. I also use a Lencarta EP300 studio strobe.


I use the Stop-Shot system from Cognisys Inc. for my latest stop-motion images. Earlier images (before Nov 2009) were done by trial and error!!


For underwater photography I have recently upgraded to an Olympus EPL3 with an Olympus PT-EP05L housing, plus an Inon Z240 (type 3) underwater strobe.


I live in Guildford, UK and I'm a database developer.


Please do not use my images for any purpose, commercial or otherwise (this includes linking from your blog or website), unless you have my written permission. Sending me a flickrmail to ask me first, isn't exactly painful, is it now?


If you don't have a flickr account, you can email me davidkittos@hotmail.com.


thanks for looking :)

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