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Thanks for taking a look at my photos and my profile. I am an amateur with a deep love of photography. My gear is modest, but it does what I need it to do and I use what I have. I enjoy documenting the things around me and a lot of everyday life. I take a camera with me where ever I go and capture things around me like family, our animals (also family) and the stuff we do. Life moves fast, too fast, and it's always great to look back. I hope to leave a legacy (a large pile) of digital photos that my kids and their kids (and so on) might enjoy after I'm gone. I'm also a car nut, so you will find much to do with custom cars and motorcycles here.


Thank you for the views and the likes, they keep me going and is much appreciated. All my photos are licensed Creative Commons Attribute, use what you like, getting published is a great honor in any form. Please drop me an email or link so I can see them in action and give credit to me please.


Take car my friends, thanks again for looking!


Dave Parker


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