Welcome to Dave's Domain.
I am on Flickr to share my photography with others who also like to share. My photographic interests vary widely; people, macro, experimental, architecture, wildlife, landscape, etc. But my special interests are active kids, nature and randomness.

Flickr refuses to allow control of who can favourite pictures. Since some people use Flickr for their prurient interests and those people frequently add innocent pictures to their lists of porn favourites, most of my content is available only to friends and family. It is very sad that those few fools cause so much restriction on Flickr and Flickr refuses to do anything about it.

The public samples show typical content that is available to F&F. As of 07/2016 I have over 18,000 pix for F&F.

If you have a blank account, questionable material, or porn anywhere in or around your account, if you are in porn groups or have several obvious porn accounts that you are following, or anything else that leads me to believe your interest in flickr is prurient, I will not associate with you in any way.

About nudity:

We are created in God's image and He declared it excellent. Therefore, I have no objection to non-sexual or casual nudity and its depiction in art. But, that said, I have no explicit content in my account- neither public nor private.

If you are looking for nudity, don't waste our time, neither yours nor mine. Please move on- nothing to see here.

PLEASE DO NOT USE MY PIX FOR ANY REASON WITHOUT ASKING AND RECEIVING PERMISSION (except those with CC license, of course). Permission is liberally available- just ASK first.
I LOVE the water and playing around in it. This love for the water comes partly from my experience as a water rescue diver (and team Captain) in my early twenties. (Boone-Kenton Water Rescue, Special Evidence Collection Team, out of Burlington, Kentucky)

I also have background in small town law enforcement from the same period.

I have had a life-long interest in all things technical, especially electricity and electronics. From this comes my main vocation as a public safety radio system technologist.

I have been into photography for about 40 years, starting as a Jr High kid taking pictures for the school newspaper and yearbook with a piece of junk 35mm camera and a cheap home darkroom (B&W of course) . I was MUCH more into the technical aspects than the art.

Digital photography has created a great revival for me in the art. Now I can shoot lots of photos and pick out a few good ones once in a while.

For my Flickr favourites, I like photos that are unique in some way or otherwise actually "say" something to me.

I like crisp lines and bright colours and photos that I look at and say, "how did they do that?" I also like technical details and experimental techniques.

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    Holidays - Site says:

    ""Wonderful pictures, full joy of life. A visit on his side is always worth it. Thank you for this share of the wonderful photos.""

    November 6th, 2009

Dave Emerson
August 2008
I am:
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