I think that photography appeals to me for two main reasons:


-I like the challenge, and all the varied technical aspects involved, from optics to mechanics, to mathematics, and so on.


-I find it delightful that the camera gives me something. Unlike most art/craft activities, that are constructive in nature, photography always holds the potential to surprise the photographer. It's a little bit of magic. I don't like to read my own books, because I already know what's in them, but I love looking at my own photographs.


As for me: I work in R&D, mainly software development, though I have also worked in education and in the publishing industry. I write novels for fun. I like to play video games, and do general outdoor exercise-y type things like running or biking. I have cats, which I love. I have more friends than I deserve, and I love them too.

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  • JoinedJanuary 2008
  • Occupationvarious
  • HometownLawrence, KS, USA
  • Current cityLawrence, KS, USA
  • CountryUnited States
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