Professional geek and pop-culture junkie.


Gay, happily married and hirsute fifty-something writer, director & ideaguy, living contentedly amidst too much collected stuff in SoCal.


LIKES: dark rides, retro ephemera, cabinets of curiosity, retrogaming, TRON, tech-art, 3D, horror movies, film buffs, theme park nerds, music obsessives, art school kids, fellow expatriates from the island of misfit toys.


DISLIKES: Flickr Trolls who don't understand the Guidelines. If you're a lurker with no photos, or an account with nothing but recycled pr0n or unmoderated content, I'll automatically block you.

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  • JoinedJanuary 2006
  • OccupationCreative Director
  • HometownLos Angeles
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dave is awesome. even though i haven't seen him in ages, his photos always make me smile and remind me of what a sweet dude he is. he rawks.

October 19, 2007