I am a greeny, amateur photographer, skeptic, vociferous opponent of those people who dishonestly oppose the wind power that we must have if we are to effectively combat climate change and ocean acidification, and blogger. I'd be pleased to have constructive criticism on any of my photos.


Perhaps what I would like to see happen more than anything else is my country (Australia) change from being the worst greenhouse polluter on the planet to the most responsible. The Rudd Australian Government (in power when I wrote this bit) has promised much action on greenhouse and delivered next to nothing; but most Australians - as individuals - must share the responsibility. (Nothing has improved on this front to June 2016.)


All pictures in my photostream are copyrighted. All are resized down from originals and are compressed, with some, hopefully inconspicuous, damage.


I started photography with a Browny box camera about 1955, switched to a little Kodak 35mm f3.5 about 1960, Canon FX SLR, Canon FT SLR (with through the lens metereing) about 1968, Canon EOS 300D 2004. Got my first little digital (Kodak 2MP fixed focus) 2004, and my present Canon PowerShot S2 IS (5MP) September 2005. More recently I have used an 8MP Canon EOS 350D DSLR and in 2016 started using a Phantom 3 Advanced drone with its camera.


If you are interested in using any of my photos in any form of publication or commercial, please contact me at daveclarkecb@yahoo.com


The world is susceptible to understanding by the application of the scientific method. One must keep an open mind, but should not believe anything without evidence. Need I say that I am an atheist?


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  • Current cityClare. I also spend a lot of my time in rural Clare Valley.
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Bush Philosopher takes beautiful bucolic shots of the Clare Valley in South Australia. The evoke the subtle beauty of this area. And he shoots a mean sheep.

February 28, 2007