My name is Hamad Darwish, some call me Hamad, while many others just go for “ Hetch Dee”. I’m from Kuwait. Born and raised in “Bayan” just outside of Kuwait City.

I am medical physicist, a medical imaging specialist, a photography hobbyist, a PC gaming/building enthusiast, and a family man.

... I lived in the Unites States from 2000-2006.
Graduate of Oregon Institute of Technology.

... I lived in Scotland from 2011-2012
Graduate of the University of Aberdeen.

Want to know more about me? ...or my work in Window Vista?
check out this interview by Long Zheng from

you may also go to my website :: for more information and other things.

- Equipment:
Canon 5D Mk. II
Canon 20D
Canon EF-S 18-55mm Standard Zoom lens.
Canon EF-S 17-85mm IS USM Standard Zoom lens.
Canon EF-S 10-22mm USM Ultra wide-angle lens.
Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L USM Ultra Wide Angle Zoom lens.
Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 USM Standard Zoom lens.
Canon EF 75-300mm IS USM Telephoto Zoom lens.
Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM Telephoto Zoom lens.
Canon EF 400 f/5.6L USM Telephoto lens.
Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro lens.
SIGMA 30mm f/1.4 EX DC HSM lens.
SIGMA 170-500mm Telephoto lens.
Canon Speedlite 580EX
Canon Speedlite 430
Manfrotto Magfiber w/ Super Pro Head

- Filters:
•HOYA Circular Polarizing PL-CIR - (Screw-in) filter
•Kenko Circular PL Polarizer - (Screw-in) filter
•Kenko Y2 (Yellow) #8 - (Screw-in) filter
•Kenko YA3 (Orange) - (Screw-in) filter
•Cokin Yellow – (Slide-in) filter
•Cokin Orange – (Slide-in) filter
•Cokin Graduated Grey G1 light (ND1) – (Slide-in) filter
•Cokin Graduated Grey G2 light (ND2) – (Slide-in) filter
•Cokin Graduated Blue B1 – (Slide-in) filter
•Cokin Graduated Tobacco T1 – (Slide-in) filter
•Cokin Neutral Grey ND4 – (Slide-in) filter
•Cokin Neutral Grey ND8 – (Slide-in) filter
•Cokin Sunset 2 – (Slide-in) filter
•Cokin Gold (47) – (Slide-in) filter

- Software:
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
Phase one: C1 PRO
Canon's Digital Photo Professional


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  • view profile

    Akram Photo says:

    "| HD | for me is an inspiration, for the Arabs is a glory.

    Man you are one in a 1,000,000,000

    keep what are you doing up :)"

    February 3rd, 2009

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    iNoor  says:

    "| HD |

    This guy's waaaaaaaay talented!

    Luv his photos and artwork ^_^"

    July 3rd, 2009

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    Amna (Amy) says:

    "Your photostream is a TRAP... all of your photos are really amazing and inspiring."

    August 11th, 2009

  • view profile

    Small Stream Salmon Fishing says:

    "As an Oregon photographer I was in aww when I first saw Hamads sets from my home state. He is a great teacher and is willing to share tips with his viewers. If you return to Oregon I will not miss the chance to meet you : )

    Thanks Hamad for your advice and confidence : ) You are an outstanding photographer all the way around."

    October 7th, 2007

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    optimal cloth says:

    "السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
    اخوي حمد درويش من الناس المحترمين
    ولا يبخل على احد بالنصيه والتعليم
    he is perfect man"

    April 3rd, 2007

  • view profile

    Jack Pearce says:

    "You're a true artist and a real inspiration to someone so young. Your landscape work is outstanding. Each new photo is so unique yet shares the excellence of the previous one."

    February 17th, 2007

  • view profile

    A.alFoudry says:

    "إنسان فنان و خلوق و محترم و فنان
    ماشالله عليه :)
    و تشرفت بمعرفتي فيه
    و الله يوفقه انشالله في عمله و هوايته و دنيته :)
    أخوك / عبدالله الفودري"

    February 12th, 2007

  • view profile

    Co®tex™ says:

    "When it comes to | HD | am ou of words !!
    his work is very professional ad well-framed.
    I like his landscaps much !! they r so beautifull .
    When i enter his account i just say سبحان الله
    .. He has all the skills and talents . God bless u .
    Good Luck !!! Waiting to c more more from ur amazing photogaphes."

    January 15th, 2007

  • view profile

    ~ Al Dhabi ~ says:

    "Your shots are so amazing and shows how proffessional you are mashalah. i enjoyed every single capture. Good Luck in ur bright future hopefully"

    January 13th, 2007

  • view profile

    envisage says:

    "Nature has its beauty but with what HD reflects in his pictures i see another kind of beauty in them,the sky and landscape looks nice.

    As a creative photographer you really know how to capture and edit your work."

    January 13th, 2007

  • view profile says:

    "السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
    الاخ حمد درويش من الناس اللي تشرفت بمعرفتهم
    مصور محترف وشغله نظيف جداااااا ما شاء الله وفيه ميزة حبيتها فيه انه متواضع جداااااااااا
    لاقصى حد ما تدري ان هذي صوره من كثر ما هو متواضع
    وفرحت اكثر انه انضم لفريق التصوير والتوثيق بدولة الكويت وهو مكسب للفريق والله يطرح فيه البركة"

    November 20th, 2006

  • view profile

    Do0da © says:

    " "hez such a talented person! and mashalla .. His pics r amazingg! especially Landscape pictuResss wish i can take pics like u someday! =) keep it up bro =D and besT Of LuCk""

    October 9th, 2006

  • view profile

    Buck Forester says:

    "Skilled, talented, and versatile, HD's photostream speaks for itself. It is always a pleasure to see the world through his eyes."

    August 24th, 2006

  • view profile

    Cajie says:

    "HD, is without a doubt, one of the best Kuwaiti Photographer I have encountered - and certainly one of the finest on flickr.
    Besides his superb photgraphy, what makes HD special is his desire to help fellow photographers learn and improve themselves.
    Once he returns to Kuwait, Kuwait Photography will be the better for it."

    May 25th, 2006

  • view profile

    ::enrapture:: says:

    "He captures heaven on earth within his photos. Hamad is amazingly talented."

    February 27th, 2006

  • view profile

    Jennifers Photography says:

    "I think HD's photos are so good that he should publish a book with all his favorite photos along with technical info on how he shot each one. He could teach us all a lot. He is outstanding."

    January 27th, 2006

  • view profile

    cut country says:

    "Not only do I like Hamad's work to the point that I gaze at each and every new photo he puts up, I also love the fact he frequently comments my own. Its always a pleasure seeing his name amongst the comments... Thanks, Hamad!"

    January 23rd, 2006

  • view profile

    complete tray says:

    "Hamad ...Photos:
    I can see the soul of HD in every picture..
    Becoming a PHOTOGRAPHER!!!"

    December 5th, 2005

  • view profile

    vsz says:

    "Hamad is hands down one of the best photographers on flickr. His shots have a unique combination of absolute clarity, perfect color and contrast, and artistic composition. His technical ability is second to none, and coupled with his strong artistic vision he is dangerous! His stream speaks for itself, I am always eager to see his newest and be amazed.

    Hamad does more than post shots, he's my flickr-mentor too. He takes extra time to diagnose problems in my own photography and help me improve. Thanks Hamad, you're a true friend!"

    November 30th, 2005

  • view profile

    * Honest * says:

    "Hamad Darwish has a genuine photographic eye, he see's art where most people don't. He captures honestly and magicaly the world around him, moments in time that can never be recreated the same way. Understanding the complex language of light, shadow, color and form that reflects the complex simplicity of life.

    Take a journey through his stream. You will not regret it."

    November 21st, 2005

  • view profile

    Jeff Clow says:

    "Hamad is a world class photographer whose work behind the lens constantly amazes me. He has a sense for color, style and composition that are as good as you'll find in any pro photographer.

    He is also an involved member of the Flickr community and is always quick to praise and comment on other people's effort.

    We are VERY fortunate to have him as a member of Flickr...his spirit and his camera work brighten us all on a regular basis."

    November 4th, 2005

  • view profile

    feigned wave says:

    "I have known Hamad for only a short time - I work with him at RVMC in Medford, OR - Although his eye for creating artistic images is fantastic; he is truly humble about it and a great guy.
    Bravo to your beautiful images! I look forward to them each day."

    October 1st, 2005

  • view profile

    gifted pollution says:

    "Being late writing you a Testimonial. never meant that I wasn't caught by your sense of art..

    You have such an amazing sense that I adore..

    It's beyond my limit of speech to speak about your art in just couple of words..

    everything that has the | HD | is surely an eye catching and breath taking piece of art.."

    September 24th, 2005

  • view profile

    spiffy title says:

    "eM9aWeRChey Darjja Olah, o His Photos 3aWWaaR GaLB :)"

    September 12th, 2005

  • view profile

    MaMa BB says:

    "Has a unique eye, the technical skill, the creativity to compose images of superior quality, tackling photography both as an art and as a science.

    I'm happy to have been shown the beauty of his surroundings as only he has captured it like no one else."

    September 7th, 2005

  • view profile

    droubi says:

    "HD what can I say About him!!

    I Love His Photos Whatever The Photo was!!

    Very talented photographer with a sense of beauty :)

    May God Bless You ^_^"

    August 31st, 2005

  • view profile

    Pascal B. says:

    "This guy definitively has an Eye !"

    August 26th, 2005

  • view profile

    hkvam says:

    "HD is one of my favourite photographers on Flickr. His photostream amazes and inspires me in all its talent and perfection."

    August 23rd, 2005

  • view profile

    heady way says:

    "| HD |'s photostream is one of the best photostream in flickr..=)

    he has many superb photos.. i envy his talent to create such wonderful photos... there are times when he can turn dust into gold...

    he is a Great photographer..and a real sweet person.. ;P"

    August 22nd, 2005

  • view profile

    P i x e l  says:

    "From the concept to the technique and all the way to the final result | HD |’s gallery made me want to comment on each and every single work of his! Having the Imagination, creativity, and eye for different sorts of photos and designs.. He is one of the greatest artist I have come over.. I got impressed by the variety of work I saw! Its like a bunch of artists In 1 ^_^ lol
    If looking for a Very different and Very Unique gallery then congrats my friend you’re in the right spot ;)"

    August 17th, 2005

  • view profile

    soldeace says:

    "I don't know much about HD formally more than what's in his profile. Nevertheless, we can learn about someone from only looking at the photos. And judging his work, it's quite clear HD is a great person as just as a great photographer. Keep on going!"

    July 26th, 2005

  • view profile

    Saeed Khalifa says:

    "in love with his photos!"

    July 17th, 2005

  • view profile

    whisper-star says:

    "HD is a talented photographer who manage to capture the wonderful rare moments.. you can watch life in his photos.. He is one of the best photographers in Flickr .. =) ..
    Just keep it up HD .."

    July 4th, 2005

Hamad Darwish
June 2005
Kuwait City
Bayan, Kuwait
I am:
Male and Taken
Medical Imaging - Medical Physics
Website: : : world of photography
darwish_h [at]