I am currently deciding how Flickr fits into my life. I dislike the changes since Yahoo! has taken over, and after forgetting to renew my subscription, all my images over the most recent 200 were archived. When I repaid my subscription, the images were restored, but with different addresses. It seriously mangled my blog posts over six years. With no incentive to remain a subscriber, I've started using Picassa instead.

But honestly, Instagram seems to be where all my photo activity is happening these days.

I welcome you to visit me over at The Splintered Mind - where I write about overcoming neurological disabilities with nothing but attitude and humor. And sometimes I remember to write about writing a novel.

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Douglas Cootey
January 2006
Midvale, USA
I am:
Male and Single
Freelance Gum Chewer
The Absentminded Artist