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    Jill's Junk says:

    "Poor Fred! I understand that a severe form of dementia has taken over what used to be a brilliant and witty mind. He was a homeless drunk who begged for spare change back in my Hollywood days. He would entertain people with wonderful stories about imagined people he knew and places he’d been. The dogs always loved Fred and would use him as a fire hydrant when he was passed out which would explain the smell he often had. Sadly, he just disappeared one day and I heard he had been taken off the streets by some kind soul who got him cleaned up and sober. Last I heard he was doing quite well as a pimp on Hollywood Blvd. but our paths never crossed again while I was there.
    What a surprise to see him again in Canada just a couple of years ago. I would have known him anywhere despite the years that had passed. I approached him and his lovely companion Deb and introduced myself. “Yes, yes, I remember you well” he said. “Lucky for you that you’re a polar bear and not a moose”. Huh?? Deb then explained to me about his dementia. He was making quite a spectacle of himself shooting at imaginary moose the whole time her and I were talking. So sad and I couldn’t help but put my hand on his arm and tell him how good it was to see him again. He stunned me by screaming loudly “get your paws off of me---I don’t DO polar bears--I only DO goats”.
    I stupidly told him to keep in touch with me on Flickr so now he spends his days on Flickr, when he isn’t talking to insects, visiting people he thinks he knows from years gone by, leaving wild and crazy comments on their streams. Some comments show a hint of the brilliant and witty mind that used to be. He will even write wild and crazy testimonials as he did so kindly for me and few of us have the heart to block him. I guess I’m not surprised he thinks he’s a flower some days and it’s harmless so I go along with it.
    After joining Flickr he did start to take some photos to try and fit in and I have to say that his work is really quite spectacular. Yes, people talk about “that crazy Fred” on Flickr but he’s such a likable guy you can’t help but look forward to his crazy comments if you’re lucky enough to be one of his imagined old acquaintances and therefore a contact."

    July 14th, 2008

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    MikeJonesPhoto says:

    "Oh boy... Where do I even start? Lets see... I first met Fred in a Turkish prison, but that was a long time ago. I never did think his incarceration was fair. How was he supposed to know that sex with Goats was illegal there? We were cell mates for a while, but after months of begging for a new cell mate, they finally switched me to a different cell. I could deal with the snoring, but his murderous screams in his sleep drove me insane. His constant obsession with collecting navel lint was also creeping me out. After that, we fell out of touch for a great many years. As fate would have it, years later, in central Florida, I was visiting a friend who had sadly been institutionalized at a mental hospital. I was trying to have a conversation with my friend when we kept getting interrupted by some looney, running around, singing Celine Dion songs at the top of his lungs. I couldn't believe my eyes... It was Fred. Apparently, he had been hit in the head with a bowling ball, and he woke up convinced he was Celine Dion! He was dressed like Celine, did his hair like Celine, and was running around singing that song from the Titanic movie, while the nurses all chased him with a taser. The nurses finally decided that he needed some kind of a hobby to get his mind off of his Celine Dion obsession. They tried putting a camera in his hand, and thus began his love of photography. We again fell out of touch for several years, until we met up at a nudist resort on the Hawaiian island of Oawanaalai. Turns out that a nudist resort is not the best place for Fred to be, as evidence of his botched sex change operation was difficult to hide. Years after his stay at the mental ward, his camera was still in hand, though I found his choice of subjects strange. Here we are surrounded by beautiful mountains, huge waterfalls, and nude people, and what does he shoot? Macro shots of flies and ants. Strange! So, anyway, that was the last I saw of Fred until I stumbled upon his photos here on flickr. He is an unusual guy, but a really stonking photographer, and I really mean that, congrats."

    July 6th, 2008

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    catklein says:

    "Darby and Me's pics blow me away every time. Plus, I can tell that Fred has a killer sense of humor and a lovely usage of sarcasm that I can truly appreciate. A man who has the eye he does, love for his dogs, is sarcastic and can post these amazing photos is pretty damn great in my book. And heres a kiss for Darby: xxx."

    May 26th, 2008

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    Karen Rea says:

    "Thank you Fred.
    For the inspirational and beautiful photos.
    But more for the man behind the camera, who shows his enthusiasm and love for so many things.
    For sharing the love you have for your dogs, and the exceptional bond between you and Darby. Every shot you post of her reinforces that fact.
    For the time you spend commenting on my shots, and so many others. It means a lot.
    Your shots take my breath away.. comments seem so meagre – I sit staring at the keyboard looking for the ability to tell you how fantastic they are. It never comes..
    I hope you know how much they’re appreciated.
    I look forward to seeing more wonderful sights on your stream.. the only regret I have is not making more of my visit to Florida all those years ago…! But I get to see so much on your stream anyway.
    Now you're obligated to keep it up!! No pressure!!
    Thanks Fred.

    Karen – Liverpool - UK"

    February 2nd, 2008

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    EcoSnake says:

    "Want to say something about Fred, who takes these amazing pictures of wildlife and of colorful things which reflect the feeling and caring that will help all of us try to make our world a better place. Keep up the great work!"

    February 5th, 2008

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