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I have been practicing photography most of my life either in front of or behind the lens. I learned the basics from two of the best teachers I could have ever encountered, my beloved father, and brother. The smell of developer is in my nostrils and the excitement of a completed image still motivating me to continue to learn and produce beautiful images, and carry on the tradition of my family.
My Father was a re-known artist and photographer in Denver, member and co-founder of the Denver Artist Guild, and serious award winner and devoted instructor.
My brother was an award winning Freelance Photographer, accomplished Technical Writer, and computer expert. He was among the first computer programmers during the 70's and 80's, (owner of the first personally owned room size WANG PC computers in the late 70's). Ernie having worked closely as a technical writer and test pilot for both Paul Allen and Bill Gates while developing the first personal computer development, was instrumental in the development of personal computers being available for public purchase. He test drove and approved software and hardware for both Apple and Microsoft companies in the "Battle of the PC". He single handedly approved the first operational programs for Microsoft (Word) and Apple Developmental projects.
He was author of operational books and procedures for both companies. Ernest E. Mau is in 'Who's Who in Computers" and author of many programming books still used for development, today.
History of The free-lance writer's survival manual Books are documents registered in the Library of Congress '1980.
"Getting the Most From Your micro Computer" Ernest E. Mau. by Mau, Ernest E. Rochelle Park, N.J. : Hayden Book Co., c1983.
"Create Word Puzzles With Your Microcomputer" and
"Word Puzzles with Your Microcomputer" (Rochelle Park, NJ: Hayden, 1982). Ernest E. Mau: Hayden Book Co., c1982. are information on software that will create programs and crossword/word puzzles from a list of words supplied by the user.
"Puzzle maker" Became noted for his full time puzzle creations done by computer. He was also the author of various Sci Fi books and magazines. With a vivid imagination along with a futuristic touch created lasting episodes with a twist of reality, we find out. A true vision of what was to come.
I humbly follow in the footsteps that my father and brother created through out their lives. I proudly carry on the photography that both have instilled in my in my early years.
I Love and I miss you both terribly! Thank you for instilling this interest in me. I wish you could be here to see what has developed in technology since your hindsight. I believe you are still programming todays technology from a better place. Thank you

ALOOOOHA, I adore photographing Hawaii and anything connected with Hawaiian Music

I have my own Fan Appreciation Website for Hawaiian Singing Sensation Danny Couch, (singer of Hawaii's Theme Song, "These Islands") at
Danny allowed me to debut his newest releases prior to their official release. Quite an honor!

I've been running his only Approved Fan Site and Fan Club for over 10 years of dedicated professional support of his career and musical talent, and I also feature other artists to help perpetuate Hawaii and Hawaiian Music on the Mainland, Na Leo, HAPA, Jake, Alea, Keahiwai Barefoot Natives, Bro Caz, Manny K Fernandez, and more. All of which I have had the pleasure of meeting and even more so, able to call friends.
A hui hou, Lea

Check me out at my FaceBook Pages (these are mostly for fun) I've been active in photography for 30 years currently shoot with a Nikon D300 and backup with my D70 but have worked other digitals, Canon SLRs, and 4x5 big format Twin Lens Reflex, and classic Bellows studio cams .

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