Born in London England and lived in London until 1999 before relocating to Japan.

In my career, I served as Website Manager on the management team at Amazon Japan (Tokyo and Seattle) and as CGM (Consumer Generated Media) Product Manager at Microsoft for Live.com before incorporating my company Mirai Inc. Mirai Inc focuses on delivering CGM SEO solutions and platforms to Japanese enterprises.

Apart from being the full time president of Mirai Inc, I'm also a full time anime, Gundam and figure otaku who loves to write about these subjects and share aspects of Japanese culture that I encounter over here.
Full profile at www.dannychoo.com/profile/eng/

I run a site at www.dannychoo.com which had 2.8 million unique users, 20.2 million page views for June 2008 alone.

In Media
I/dannychoo.com has been featured in the following TV programs/Newspaper/Magazines.

* CNN (iPhone 3G Tokyo Launch)
* Blog TV (Tokyo MX TV)
* News Zero (Nippon TV)
* Akiba Report part1 (Tokyo MX TV)
* Akiba Report part2 (Tokyo MX TV)
* Asamade Nama WonHobby (Good Smile Internet Broadcast)
* Nikkei Sangyo Newspaper (Talking about dannychoo.com and online monetization)
* Weekly Ascii (Japanese Internet publication)
* Windows 100% (Japanese computing publication)
* Monoqlo (I write for this magazine and feature myself ^^;)
* Yahoo Internet Guide (Japanese publication)
* Windows 100% May 2006 (Japanese publication)
* Metropolis (Magazine for gaijin folks in Japan)
* Weekly SPA Jan 15th 2008 (Japanese publication speaking on Second Life)
* Weekly SPA Aug 15th 2007 (Japanese publication speaking on dannychoo.com and online affiliating)
* Monoqlo 2 (Japanese publication)
* Giant Robot Magazine 51 (Asian culture publication)
* Asahi Newspaper (Japanese national newspaper)
* Yahoo.com top page (my Akiba dance trooper vid was featured)

At Conferences
I have spoken at the following conferences
* Remix Tokyo (Tokyo) (Speaker at Remix 2006 for Microsoft on "Windows Live Gadgets")
* Imprint Culture Lab (Los Angeles) (Speaker at Imprint Culture Lab 2007 on "dannychoo.com & Blog Culture")
* Trend Day 2008 (Germany) (Speaker on Otaku culture, mirai.fm and dannychoo.com)

More details at www.dannychoo.com/profile/eng/

My company Mirai Inc is acquired by Google >

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Danny Choo
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