“Thank you for sharing your life and your home with me, thank you for all the love and the care you gave to me, I was fortunate to have had a good owner that cared so much for me”

We love you so much Hammie. Thanks for being our 'kid' for the last 2 years and 3 months. You taught us a lot for being a new parent.

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Universal Studio Japan

大家好。我姓李,叫泉亮。我的印尼名字是Dannie Tjahjono。 我的家乡是雅加达,印度尼西亚。 我目前在新加坡工作。我爱摄影自从5年前特别红外摄影。 希望你们喜欢我的图片。谢谢。

那么你好再次红外射击。我们再次跳过在世界各地寻找另一个超级天才红外摄影,Dannie Tjahjono。 Dannie 欢呼来自印尼,我想补充一点,并夺取了他的世界在红外场景,表现十分出色。 Dannie,(他会告诉他的自述。)使用索尼DSC -红外对他工作的F717你。主力红外摄像机,这是一个我们很多人牙齿切上的IR和许多,包括我在内,仍然认为我们的主要工具之一,当我们去更远的红外搜索。欢迎红外叮咚Dannie Tjahjono!

Well hello again IR Shooters. Once again we skip across the world to find another super talented IR Photographer, Dannie Tjahjono. Dannie hails from Indonesia, and I might add, does a very good job of capturing scenes from his world in Infrared. Dannie, (as he will tell you in his Bio.,) uses a Sony DSC-F717for his IR work. This workhorse IR camera is the one that many of us cut our IR teeth on, and many, myself included, still consider it one of our primary tools when we go afield searching for IR. Welcome to the IR Buzz Dannie Tjahono!

... to be continued here My Infrared feature

Pasir Ris Park

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Osaka Castle

Cape Sōya - Wakkanai

Daisetsuzan National Park

Nixe Marine Park - Noboribetsu


Universal Studio Japan

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