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I am an eternal newbie photographer and is continually being inspired by God's wonderful creations and blessings and also by the wonderful images I see here in Flickr. As a Christian, my desire is that my photos can reflect and point back all glory to my Lord =)

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  • Solo by harrysio
  • House of God by harrysio
  • Merry Christmas ! * by Chocolate Kurai *
  • Feliz Navidad. / Merry Christmas. by Miguel Angel SGR
  • cooper by TRAPPER94
  • Who likes coffee? by e_romero
  • Monoism by May Ann Licudine
  • TILT ~ The Easter Edition by SherrieSaint

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    e_romero says:

    "Daniel es un verdadero hallazgo, sus fotos de objetos comunes y corrientes hablan de su personalidad y creencias. Flickr vale la pena cuando gente como Daniel pertenecen al mismo.

    Daniel is a real find, his pictures of ordinary objects speak of his personality and beliefs. Because of Daniel Flickr is a better place."

    March 13th, 2010

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    Markus Rödder (ZoomLab) says:

    "Like the Pictures, Ideeas, everything - good guy!"

    August 31st, 2010

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    Hs7th says:

    "Daniel has a lot of cameras and expresses a photograph by a lot of technique. It heals me kindly powerfully beautifully."

    January 12th, 2009

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    Georwyn Victor says:

    "Your photos never fail to amaze me. You make good stories even with the simple subjects. Keep up the true Pinoy effort!"

    November 28th, 2008

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    RoSsY wOsS says:

    "You're definitely an inspiration! Specially on how you use your talent/hobby for God's glory. Keep it goin! =D"

    November 15th, 2008

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    shyninglyt *(",)* says:

    "thought i've written u 1 already, it disappointed mo 2 realize i haven't shared my delight yet in seeing your shots. now this is the time! Your b&w works just makes me day, glad ur sharing at least 3 a day...ahhh film master! You draw passion in your photos and beauty is magnified---thus inspiring!"

    October 6th, 2008

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    ossiak says:

    "Beautiful pictures, i can't finish my homework because i can't resist the temptation of looking inside Mr. Go's sets, hehe... Keep up"

    September 10th, 2008

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    double.L says:

    "Love daniel style of photography and how you use your talent to glorify the lord. Keep it up!

    Hosanna to the highest."

    September 4th, 2008

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    frank schacht / photojournal-worldwide-exklusiv says:

    "your pictures really reflect your passion and talent,how to put in scene.

    August 31st, 2008

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    ryan-c.com says:

    "I can always count on Daniel to post at least 4 pics a day. His work is great and his collection of cameras is incredible!"

    August 10th, 2008

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    miketililing says:

    "One of my first Flickr contacts, Daniel has a slew of masterpieces ranging from moon shots to still life to water drops, even to film/lomography. This guy never disappoints, really. A true gem in Flickrdom."

    July 16th, 2008

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    dieselgirl_777 says:

    "ato is my brother in law and i am so grateful to have family who are into photography as much as me (actually more than me!!) ato knows a lot about technical stuff and i get advice from him since i am completely clueless about photography gear. i typically just fiddle around with my camera, press the shutter and hope to take a decent photo.

    not only do i get advice from ato, i usually get to inherit his gear, too (at a lower cost vs retail and he takes care of his gear like they were his children)! yey! no more treks to quiapo! hahaha! thank you for always encouraging me in photography. i'm blessed to have a bro-in-law like you!


    May 30th, 2008

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    truflip says:

    "I met Daniel at the DCRP forums. He's one of the first photographers I've ever met. It's been over 2 years since then and I still look back to Daniel's photos for inspiration. It's quite astonishing to have met such a dynamic person and I'm honoured. Daniel, thanks for all the help bro. I appreciate it! God bless you!"

    May 27th, 2008

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    iamwen says:

    "i know daniel through flickr when i am finding the picture of yashica electro, surprisingly i was attract by his picture and he is a real great photographer. i love all his works! hope to see more from you daniel!"

    April 25th, 2008

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    gail_abe52 says:

    "Daniel, Kapatid.
    You are one admirable photographer.. there is so much to learn just by looking at your pictures.. you sure do know how to capture with message, with meanings :)
    Maraming salamat po sa mga pictures nyo- ndi po sila nakaka sawang tignan..

    Showers of Blessings


    April 21st, 2008

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    Michael Seneschal says:

    "You currently have over 2,700 photos... most of which are suited best in a frame, hanging on a wall. You have an amazing eye and a deep knowledge on how a camera works. All of these pictures are beautiful art... AND you're a great guy.

    God bless"

    April 13th, 2008

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    xtinebaya says:

    "my fave photographer!
    idol ko! :)"

    April 2nd, 2008

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    * K A Z Z I E * says:

    "Inspirational !"

    March 3rd, 2008

  • view profile

    milkcarton says:

    "i was going through your whole sets sir daniel, i just realized how i want to fave a LOT of them! wla bang batch faving?"

    March 3rd, 2008

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    [across the pond] says:

    "Daniel's got one of the best photostreams out there. Simply said, great work!"

    February 23rd, 2008

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    Lakad Pilipinas says:

    "Si Daniel Y. Go ay isang huwaran, mapagkumbaba, maaasahang maestro para sa mga baguhan, at sadyang malupit na Litratista.

    Saludo ako sayo maestro Daniel!"

    February 15th, 2008

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    khay c. acosta says:

    "things i really liked about daniel is his way of taking simple shots with meaningful and inspirational truths and revelations. everytime i open my flickr i always look foward to his excellent shots, which i draw inspiration in discovering unseen ideas behind my camera.one thing i learned from daniel is his love for photography, which i believe is the key in having those shots.keep it up brother.......God Bless you always and your family.Be strong in the Lord.................Merry CHRISTmas"

    December 24th, 2007

  • view profile

    Janeice Bull says:

    "I love looking at Daniel's photos. They are so inspiring not only in what he believes but also on how he is growing with each camera he uses. He isn't afraid to try new things and that is a great thing.
    You have been so much help to me Daniel and I appreciate your friendship and all the help you have given me with any question I have with my camera and lens. You are a true inspiration Spiritually, I love seeing your faith in your pictures. Thank you for being a friend and all of your prayers, May God richly bless you and your family."

    December 5th, 2007

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    Terence Sysunbin says:

    "Hi Dan, Long time no see thanks for adding me up take care and God Bless you always!"

    November 25th, 2007

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    pam.squared~ says:

    "One of my teachers in sunday school . o.O ! hahahah! Thanks for the comments :) Nice pictures too! :D God Bless!"

    October 10th, 2007

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    mavster (m just an email away:) mavstudio@yahoo.co says:

    ""I have always been a fan. Daniel's photographic work is simply outstanding and always have that 'cool factor'. A true gem in flickrdom :-) God bless you bro..keep 'em coming!""

    September 19th, 2007

  • view profile

    azarius says:

    "Wala akong masabi! Sobrang galing! Lalo na sa Macro. Ang mabuting tao talaga pinagpapala ng Dios."

    September 18th, 2007

  • view profile

    ancobaard85 says:

    "He might call himself a newbie, but his photos show skill of a true profesional.

    You can clearly see his influence in all his photos and being a christian myself, I repsect the fact that he is not shy to admit that his strength comes from God.

    May God bless"

    July 2nd, 2007

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    PowerPee says:

    "The way he shows his pictures you'd think he was using a state of the art camera. This guy's i amazing when it comes to shooting 'everyday things' that we see. It is because of his This and That set that I was inspired to do the same thing (but not nearly as good as his photos). He is always blessed by the Lord because of the way he deals with people. Truly a son of God and a good friend!

    Bro, you just validated the statement of the famous Jo Avila's "it's not the pana, it's the indian."

    God bless always and thanks for the awesome pictures that we get to see everyday. :)"

    June 10th, 2007

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    Steve Webel says:

    "Daniel Y. Go is not only a fantastic photographer, but he's a genuinely nice guy. I appreciate the diversity of photos in his photostream as well as his meaningful participation in groups."

    April 26th, 2007

  • view profile

    The Stigster says:

    "Daniel describes himself as a "newbie" photographer,
    Looking through his photos i would say he is a pro in disquise!!!

    You are a continued inspiration to me and im always eagerly awaiting your next photo"

    April 18th, 2007

  • view profile

    livininoblivion says:

    "si kuya daniel.. idol ko to..
    ang galing galing.. sya ang una kong napansin dito sa flickr eh..
    yung mga bagay na walang saysay nagagawan nya ng drama .. nakss!
    sana maging kasing galing ako ni kuya daniel. =D

    god bless po and salamat sa mga turo nyo sa akin.."

    March 21st, 2007

  • view profile

    Stephen Heisler says:

    "I am a very new "Flickr", but over the last month, Daniel has helped teach me, he has inspired me, and he has impressed me. His pictures of God's gifts to us are amazing. I look forward to seeing what he is going to capture next. Keep it up Daniel, the World is your canvas!"

    February 6th, 2007

  • view profile

    sayote_queen says:

    "The first photo I saw in Daniel's photostream were his shots of the moon over in Caloocan. It was marvelous and when I found out we were using the same camera, I became more interested. Daniel has the eye and his shots are wonderful. He is so humble and kind. I'd like to call him as one of my idols in photography because he makes mundane things look so impressive and eye catching. I just wish I can do the same with my camera :). God Bless Daniel and looking forward to more of your shots!"

    January 15th, 2007

  • view profile

    CodenameShaider says:

    "A humble hearted Christian with an eye for excellent photography is what Flickr reveals about this man. Continue with your wonderful crafts and with sharing the Good News. I really really thank the Lord Jesus Christ for the inspiration named Daniel Y. Go."

    December 1st, 2006

  • view profile

    mliebenberg says:

    "Daniel is such a good example of how to use everyday things around us and allow it to relate to us through the use of God's Word. Daniel is also a very encouraging young photographer ... keep them coming friend!"

    October 31st, 2006

  • view profile

    Steve Le says:

    "I was first introduced to Daniel's great photography work on a digital camera based forum. His work truly inspired me, as I embark on the beginning of my photography. 'Til this day, Daniel's photos capture beautiful landscapes, intricate macros, and geniuine people/portraits. With a great heart and kind soul, Daniel is one of the more down to earth photographers today."

    October 10th, 2006

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    celt007 says:

    "I do not know Daniel Y. Go, but for his photos, and I must say he has a great eye for subject, and usually gets the perspecive right on, his pictures are very interesting. Check out some of his black and white, also the stills are great too, basically he is what I consider a artist and journalist ...catching the moment in a instant. Looking forward to
    more of your pictures ."

    August 8th, 2006

  • view profile

    *JC* says:

    "Sir Daniel,
    First of all, my unending appreciation of your kindness and humble heart...
    You're one of my inspirations why I wanted to do more in this photography hobby of ours...
    May God always bless you and your family...
    Keep immortalizing the beautiful gifts of God to all of us... and keep inspiring others by sharing your works and in the process, making them realize how God loves us...
    You touches people beyond photographs..."

    April 26th, 2006

  • view profile

    NelMan says:

    "Daniel, you've endlessly inspired me with your ideas and shots. You're a true master of the arts.

    May God bless you and your family more with his bounty so that you may continue to inspire people like me.

    Ang galing mo idol! Astig ka talaga!"

    April 24th, 2006

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