I am an events photographer for FIRST in Michigan, an organization affiliated with FIRST Robotics, an international organization created to foster an interest in science, technology, engineering and math among school-aged children. I volunteer my services to FIRST in Michigan, however, the images I create remain my own.


I grant to all private individuals and non-profit teams and organizations associated with FIRST and FIRST in Michigan a free, non-exclusive, limited license to download, print, and/or display my robotics photos for personal, editorial, and non-commercial use, to promote FIRST robotics teams and programs. Acceptable uses include, but are not limited to, pit and shop posters and displays, and team and school yearbooks and newsletters. This license is non-transferable. Care should be taken when posting my photos to online sites and forums, such as social media sites, as I do not grant any other site, person, or entity any rights to my photos. It is the responsibility of each user of my photos to ensure that all my rights remain intact. All my image files must retain my original metadata, including my copyright notice.


Please note: I retain all rights in, and ownership of, all my images, no matter where they are, and no matter what form they may take. All my images are copyrighted (all rights reserved) and registered with the US Copyright Office.


My images may not be used for any commercial purpose unless I grant permission and issue a license. If money is going to be made from the sale of my images or items with my images on them, or my images used in advertising, even in fund raising for a non-profit organization or cause, I consider that commercial use, and my prior permission and license is required for each specific use. Editorial use of my photos is allowed. In all cases, attribution is requested and appreciated. Contact me through my flickr account.


I am not a professional photographer, but I am passionate about photography and strive to create photos at a professional level. I learn by taking photos and studying others' works. Comments, suggestions and critiques are welcome.

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