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A passion for photography in the early years of high school, when he and a friend, begins to apply and experience the traditional photographer’s technique playing with their photos and the everyday experiences of the first early years of study. During this period he published some photos in newspapers and magazines, in relation to facts and events of the time. The photographic work complements the economic budget of the studying years, but for many years is set aside for an intense work business. In this long period of waiting, we see a fundamental change of photography into the digital world. Mature Adult, thanks to the support and encouragement of the same friend, meanwhile valuable professional photographer, takes the recovery of photographic practice with new tools and new and interesting experiences.


He lives in the province of Padua (Italy) and tireless traveler, visited a number of continents meeting worlds, landscapes, animals, people and cultures always different.





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Wildlife - Travels - Landscape & Street Photograph

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