Ever since a long time, since I was old enough to start using a camera, I have been looking at stuff in a "that-would-be-a-great-picture" type of way! So I have been snappin snapshots alot, not at All even trying to be great but keeping memories so I can always go back and drift away in those moments. and being very careful to keep all my pictures either in regular photobooks and later on the computer.

I have been a organisation-freak just so I always can find my pictures (not that it always have worked..)


I wanted for a long time to start getting in to photography in another way than just snaps! I want to learn more, and the more I learn, the more I LOVE it!

I look at the world differently now. I see more details. I see alot more beuty!

It is not that I have to be great!

It is just something that makes me smile! from ear to ear!

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