I create art for a few reasons. The primary reason is that I have to. I enjoy the process. I like working with my hands and creating “things”. It satisfies my need to communicate what I think the world should look like and be like by creating visuals for people to experience in a way that resonates with their own existence and views.


I start by developing basic ideas through a reflective and informative research that consists primarily of reading and listening. The emphasis in this stage is on ideas and actions, not objects. Next I bring those ideas together into a form, distilling and shaping the materials to create the context. Pencil sketches are my primary tool at this stage. Once the general direction is set I create the actual pieces and work toward a cohesive and complete artwork. Currently I am working with wood, metal, clay and acrylic paint.


Most of my work is about social issues and human behavior, with a focus on making a better world. The goal of my work is to evoke thoughts, provoke feedback, and hopefully change behavior.



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