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A conundrum.


From a young London troublemaker, to an older small town father and husband in Oregon's great valley. My wonderful wife is a writer and a teacher, while our young daughters continue to teach me.


I do feel we live in troubled times, www.jamesnachtwey.com/

So all the beauty that gets shared here is a reminder to me of what we have, and what we have to lose.


As for this photo stuff, well I love it all from puppy pics to angst ridden socio-political quazi post modernism. I really don't take myself too serious, don't enjoy cliques, and try not to judge people or art other than if there is light and love from whence its born. A small note, I don't use PS but do use Aperture, because of the Mac bit you will see color changes between browsers, with the truest in Firefox.


Cheers for stopping by.


: D

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I have only recently had the pleasure of experiencing Damien's wonderful images of the landscapes and people of Oregon's Willamette Valley. Filtered through his life experience he details this sublime place with an obvious fondness, I'm eager to see what his images will show us next.

February 11, 2008
(Stew) says:

I love this bucolic soccer hooligan.

July 13, 2007

Damien is one of my most favorite photographer on the Flickr. All of photographs you can find in his photostream show stunning colors, gorgeous scenes, and his sharp sense of composing. On top of them, his photos have big fat hearts and once you feel them, you want to visit over again, I guarantee.

April 23, 2007

You have some really incredible shots and your use of light and color are excellent. Good luck with the fashion show.

February 3, 2007