To anyone blogging, thanks and please do everyone a favor and credit the work(not just source codes, but names). Almost nobody(less than 2% of viewers) ever follows back to the actual source to find out who's work they're appreciating. I think we're all doing this for the pleasure of it, but most of us like the idea of going somewhere with it if the opportunity presents itself. Give us a leg up. Mind the copyright. We'll mind the picture taking.

And I'm allergic to icons or awards in the comment area. Links to your group are fine if it's relevant(ie, not spam), but I'll delete the others. I have a doctor's note. It's a medical fact.

Photo by Brenton Salo
Shortly after this picture was taken I picked up shooting. I waited until 2010 to follow what I loved.
This is my make up work.
Shoot less, capture more.
Right now, I spend my work days pretending this is my day job.

What I'm about: RecFail: Featured Artist Interview

-What it do...
-Sweatpea Bicycles(on the other side of a camera...)
This Photographer
Blend Coffee House 2/10
Meat for Cats and Dogs pet supply(right above the cat toys!) 7/10
THIAPS-Unlimited Grain: URBAN
Milholland Bicycle Company
Mellow Mushroom Portland
COG Magazine
Prolly is Not Probably
RecFail: Featured Artist Interview
Worn Path 3/13
Red Flag 5/13
Bakery Bar 6-7/13
The Flickr Blog
No Pity Originals

"Shapes are for looking at,
and their colors create my mood.
I'm a vessel between two places I've never been."
- Eluvium: the Motion Makes Me Last

Also, I'm just some fuckin' guy.

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Damian Riehl
June 2008
I am:
Bicycle Messenger
Damian Riehl Photography