Using Interactive White Boards in Business and Education!

Technology at issue here is interactive white boards, or systems IWB. These are substitutes for traditional blackboards, whiteboards and projection screens of others who now may be seeing the technology graveyard. IWB technology is more than just that-interactive. It allows the teachers and faculty to interact with students and the public. At present one of these in the classroom allows for greater participation among the groups and essentially creates a better learning environment.

Benefits for educators from : MedlinePlus There are many problems and difficulties faced by teachers in the classroom if it is how to reach absent students or how to keep class notes for the day. One of the main advantages of interactive white boards for educators is the fact that the board not only become an extension to the teacher, but many software applications interact with the system to provide enormous capabilities.


no longer have to "remember" how much of their lesson plan they were when they stopped a conference. Note-saving features of interactive whiteboards allow teachers to engage directly notes on lectures and other presentations in the computer's hard drive. This makes presenting lessons to students absent much easier than before.

In addition, these modern boards allow the teacher to show students all about computers. Everything from learning to write with a keyboard on the way to navigate the Internet safely can be easily taught with these interactive whiteboards.

Benefits for business professionals: Companies and organizations also benefit from MedlinePlus interactive white boards. Quick, professional presentations can be made anywhere in a meeting room without having to worry about switching to the next slide on a flipchart. Video and multimedia easily demonstrated, allowing the presenter to greatly increase your business presentations.

One of the main advantages of the systems is IWB collaboration features. systems, audience response, complement of wireless technology that uses digital pens and tablets, enables professionals to collaborate, read the ideas of others and work on projects together in real time. In addition, the net role of these boards allows a group of business professionals to connect and have a meeting with another group across the aisle, region or country. The information may appear in real time for the two groups using the whiteboards, which allows for greater collaboration among professionals.

After all, modern interactive whiteboards provide the skills needed by today's classrooms and business organizations. The function of the tremendous collaboration that facilitates the connection of possible business meeting attendees to audience response systems that can be used with children of school age to promote participation, both IWB and promotes a better learning environment.

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