We are a network of academics, artists, educators, and organizations who develop recognition of the arts as resources for positive social change.



To promote the arts and humanities as social resources.



Cultural Agents is an inter-face between academic learning and civic engagement. The Initiative promotes arts and humanities as social resources. In courses, conferences, and community-based projects, we join a range of creative collaborators to feature art and interpretation as fundamental to active citizenship. In everything from education, medicine, science and law to political leadership and business, art is a force that drives innovation. With a long humanistic tradition dedicated to civic development, and thanks to contemporary mentors who show how the challenges of scarcity, violence, and disease respond to creativity, Cultural Agents links resourcefulness with service.


We foster creativity and scholarship that measurably contribute to the education and development of communities worldwide.


Identifying creative agents of change, reflecting on best practices, and inspiring their replication, we show that creativity sustains healthy democracies by developing the moral imagination and resourcefulness in citizens.

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