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are the visual storage site for most of my materials that relate to H. P. Lovecraft and related authors, publishers, and fans.


My other sites:

is the blog I've set up to be able to share some of the file types that can't be posted on Flickr; mainly mp3 audio files (including my Lovecraft readings), and News Notices and Updates.

is where I post video versions of my Lovecraft readings.


About Me:

On the inside: Studly, lean, youthful, affectionate, sensual, collector of many things, who loves to wine, dine, dance, party the night away, or to spend hours watching or discussing the latest movies, or reading and discussing the books of most interest...


On the outside: Old, fat, balding, couch-potato collector of books, movies, audio recordings, and just about every other form of escapist materials imaginable (read, "Pack-Rat"), with an emphasis on Dark Fantasy (Lovecraft, etc.), and Home Theater experiences; now in early retirement (at 56!) thanks to a massive layoff from my old Environmental day job, and learning how to finally enjoy Life while doing my long dreamed of projects at home. Thankfully, the wife enjoys the same things!


If the date is past August 2015, and this account loses its Pro status, so only a couple hundred pictures are accessible, it will mean something has happened to me (dirt nap?), but the thousands of Lovecraftian and Other images I have posted will still be here. So buy the account a new Pro membership (about $25), and once again help yourself to everything I posted here while I was still vertical...

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