I'm on a personal mission to document the dead fish, and dead fish paraphanilia of the world. It's not a glamorous job, but somebody's got to do it. Donations in the form of airline tickets, camera gear or cold hard cash are certainly appreciated. thx.

Don't mess with karma; don't use my photos without explicit permission. Karma doesn't even care if you're just using them on your blog, or tumblr, or any other non-commercial usage. Karma is ruthless.


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    dwayne miras says:

    "Carl is one of best photographers that I've seen in my life, I used to come back and revisit all the time her Flickr gallery. She has an amazing eye for portraits, light, composition and everything that shots becomes an unique and amazing picture.

    I love her pics!"

    April 21st, 2012

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    Indonesia Eats says:

    "I always love her shots, esp with the colour of every shot that she has taken.

    Being far away from my home country has made me enjoy her travelling photos in Indonesia. Keep up the good works, Carli!"

    September 11th, 2010

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    SemiCharmedLife (☯) says:

    "I have to speak up about my favorite exotic world traveling, globe trotting, Lonely Planet photographer. Carli just has a way with fish and exotic locales. Flowers, beaches, seascapes, food and indigenous culture are all captured in stunning, colorful, natural detail. There is just an ease and beauty in her work that comes out looking natural and unprocessed. Please check out her beautiful stream!"

    March 11th, 2010

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    mom23lilrascals says:

    "i live vicariously in southeast asia through carli's photos. they are just simply wonderful. the color, composition, the food, the people, ... everything comes alive in her shots. sometimes she is too hard on herself, and that's when i want to poke her in the arm to give her a gentle reminder to stop. =)

    though i've not met her, carli's best asset is her honesty, which permeates through her words and comments in others' photos. i love her openness, wit and sarcasm. she is genuine and down-to-earth. and, she didn't pay me a cent for this testimonial. =P

    carli, you make me smile!

    ~ ginny

    October 8th, 2009

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    Ginkgo7 says:

    "Carli is an shockingly talented photographer who manages to remain humble. Her comments, always make me laugh as she possesses a wonderful witty sense of humor. I consider myself lucky to have such a divine Flickr friend. Thanks for all the laughs, Carli!"

    August 14th, 2009

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    rogvon says:

    "Irreverent. Irascible (You have the Aunty in PJ to thank for that). Incorrigible (Hmm... the last one is almost a compliment). Carli is all this and MORE! But that's another story for my upcoming warts and all blog.

    As Gustavo's owner, she certainly tortured him well - exposing him to rain, seawater, sand and teenage Burmese monks ( the last one is more lens related but lets not get into details).

    If she was my sister, I would have absolutely hated her. And god forbid that I have a daughter like her.

    BUT as a fellow photog, I can only say this - "Girl, you rock"."

    August 13th, 2009

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    Wendy * Darling says:

    "I am so thrilled to have Carli as one of my closest flickr friends! (Shhh... she might not know it, but she is!) She is always right there with a kind word or supportive comment... she truly is the sweetest girl.

    But enough about her... Oh my stinkin' hell.... her photography makes me weak in the knees. She has the ability to make me fall deeply, passionately in love with each and every one of her subjects... especially those adorable monks! I can't get enough of the vivid colors and sparkle in her shots.

    Now if only I could get her to come for visit... maybe someday...."

    August 12th, 2009

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    | Z E R O | says:

    "CARLI.....Hmmmmm, well two simple words. "SHE ROCKS!" Carli is one of my favorite Flickr contacts and I consider a friend since shes been on my list quite a while:) Her skills are perfect with her savage D300! I like to call her... THE NAT GEO PHOTOGRAPHER! Her style reminds me so much of that is awesome! GRAT JOB CARLI KEEP IT UP!!!!

    August 10th, 2009

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    williwieberg says:

    "Carli is not at all a noob with a D700 - she is so gifted in capturing great scenes and moods. It is always a pleasure following her photography!"

    June 26th, 2009

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    deserted copper says:

    "Carli, my love. Don't let her fool you, though she claims to be a "noob with a d700" she's such an awesome photographer! I look forward to her uploading on a daily basis. She makes me want to move to S'pore so we can go on photo adventures! :)"

    January 11th, 2009

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    four drop says:

    "Carlina its the prettiest girl in AAAAAAAALL Singapore! You can have pretty damn sure of it!
    And she i the coolest girl too, veeery kind and nice...BUT, this ins't enough!!!
    Why not?
    Its because she is a pretty pretty gifted photografer,in fact, one of the bests I ever meet in my whole life! OMG! I could marry her right now for being such this incredible person with me :)
    So if you don't know her, you wasting so much time...
    I love you, C.♥

    October 30th, 2008

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