My affair with photography goes a long way back. A camera of some kind has always been near my hand and hope that it will always be this way. Not that it was anything serious back then, just the usual snapping. But then, in 2007 things have changed.

I attended a diving course and got totally blown away by the enchanted world I found underwater. I was thrilled to try to show my friends all the wonders I got to experience and so, there was I with my first waterproof camera. It was good for getting to face the challenges of underwater photography, but of-course: nothing else. But the urge failed to cease so I got my first underwater housing for my land camera at that time: a Nikon D200.

This marked the beginning of my endeavour in nature photography: slowly emerging from the abyss to mountain ranges – literally. My photographic diet of coral gardens, critters and wrecks slowly gave way to birds and landscapes. Nowadays my main focus is on the latter, my favourite subjects are birds and landscapes.

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  • The shades by cechirag750
  • The day without smiling face by cechirag750
  • Pattern by Laszlo Maraczi
  • Atlas by Laszlo Maraczi
  • PLANET EARTH UNDERWATER group gallery. Showcase galleries on display in PLANET EARTH NEWSLETTER. New Updates ck. them out. by THATS RIGHT
  • werk by Palócz Pál
  • Biglens Yeti by red R
  • werk by Palócz Pál
  • Caught red-pawed by red R
  • crossfire by red R
  •  by csabatokolyi

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    carchard says:

    "Csaba is a highly celebrated artist from Hungary. I am left completely in awe of his work with the Nikkor 300mm f/2.8 that he uses to capture some of the best avian photography pictures I have ever seen. The detail, focus, and colors are all rendered perfectly and his timing is superb. I absolutely cannot extol this man enough, and I must say that it was tough to only choose one picture for this feature. However, bird photography is not how Tökölyi got his start. No, Csaba was first drawn into photography when he began diving. As such, he has a staggering collection of underwater pictures too! Hopefully you can appreciate the difficulty of both of these types of photography that Csaba has clearly mastered."

    January 11th, 2012

Csaba Tökölyi
January 2009
Budapest, Hungary
I am:
Senior Art Director, Leo Burnett Budapest