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Currently About Crystal: I'm a Christian writer with a variety of works in progress. I am beginning to make strides toward the completion of 2 novels, a compilation devotional, and a number of non-fiction projects. Figuring out what to do first is the hard part.

Crystal the Compassionate:I love people, and I love animals, and I try to be there for both whenever I can. One way I've learned as a simple way to help others is through clicking daily at sites hosted by "GreaterGood Network.". I have included banners (in process of updating to their new designs) for their causes below, so my visitors here can easily click to support their favorite cause or all causes.

For my kitties...
The Animal Rescue Site
For my retired U.S. Army Hubby...
With one click... help hungry and homeless veterans. The Veterans Site.
In memory of my Grandma (RIP-1988)...
The Breast Cancer Site
Because I've been hungry and homeless before...
The Hunger Site
In honor of the mommies I know who care for kids with autism or Asperger's Syndrome...
With one click... help children living with autism. The Autism Site
Because I'm a writer and writers need readers...
The Literacy Site
For the wild animals who need wild homes...
The Rainforest Site

Crystal the Professional: Writer & Business Profile:

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Crystal the Designer and Flickr-er: Most of my pictures here will be manipulated kaleidoscope images and tessellations. Many will be from images taken of the designs inside actual kaleidoscopes, and others will be from fractals or actual photos. I like all of them because of the color & design, but also because they remind me of how I think God sees the world and people He has made: God's creations are all different yet all beautiful, and - like kaleidoscopes - they are the most beautiful when (His) light shines through them.

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Crystal the Poet: One day hope to combine a book of my kaleidoscope designs with some of my poetry and haiku. My poetic claim to fame is a parody of Psalm 23 for Christian writers entitled The Lord is my Editor; I Shall Rewrite to which I have a page at Facebook dedicated at www.facebook.com/TheLordismyEditor. There are also a few items with this slogan among an eclectic mix of items I sell at My Zazzle Store.

Crystal the Photographer: Amateur is a bit of an understatement, but I'm getting more and more interested in digital photography and photo editing. My first camera was one of those instant 35mm where ya gotta wind everything manually. Then, I got a real 35mm SLR by Chinon at K-Mart. My first digital was a 1MP joke since I had no idea what I was buying, but it said it took photos and video. Yuck!

Finally, I got my first digital point and shoot, which is where some of my earliest photos on here (and many I have yet to post) come from. It was a Minolta Dimage S414 and I still need to find the old floppy drives where I saved most of the photos. Next, I got myself an Olympus FE230, which helped me get some great macro shots from inside my kaleidoscope, but with far more noise than I would like. I graduated from that to an Olympus Stylus 840 which has a few more settings than the FE, but still a lot of noise. I have some posts from old cell phone cameras, some I like better from the Samsung Epic that was my first smartphone, and then some from a Galaxy Note 3 and a Note 5.

I was gifted a used Canon Rebel to try and learn the world of DSLR. I moved up a little bit past amateur as I spent time with it though I took mostly everyone on auto settings. It got too heavy after my neck surgery.

Currently, I use a mirrorless Olympus EM-10, and it's my favorite camera. I'm learning manual settings, and I'm also enjoying the filters. I've recently learned that if I shoot in RAW + JPEG, I can combine pictures for some neat effects.

Flickr has been a great place to share this artistic part of myself, and I am always open for critiques, tips, and the occasional compliment from my visitors. Thanks for stopping by.

Crystal the Writer: I am a freelance writer and editor. My main site as a Christian writer is my blog at crystalwrites.wordpress.com. I also have a main site that links to all my other content (Facebook pages, Pinterest, etc.) at www.crystal-writer.com.

To inspire my writing, I've been a member of Louisville Christian Writers since about 1998 and was elected president of the group in 2008. I've also been a coordinator and part of the planning committee for the annual Kentucky Christian Writer's Conference. Recently, I joined a group that is pushing me toward more professionalism than ever. As mentioned above, ACFW is American Christian Fiction Writers, and I foresee great growth for myself as a writer because of my membership there.


The most important thing... I have created a website to host the central theme of my creativity and my life. It's called "For One Soul" and can be found below or at www.41soul.com. And here's why I do it all on Flickr...

"Even something as simple as a photo image can inspire others and draw them to God. His Holy Scriptures tell us that all we have to do is lift Him up, and HE will draw all men unto Himself. If we trust that we walk in the shadow of The Almighty, we know that shadow will touch every person whose path we cross. If I can be used by Him to gather more of His creation (even one person) into His loving presence, it makes every second of life worth living."


Finally, I try to give links for the software I use in the descriptions of the pictures I made, but I don't always have time. So, some of the software I really enjoy using can be found by clicking on the following links (no affiliate embeds here, just sharing to help fellow creatives)...

Irfanview: www.irfanview.com

Silicon Mirror: www.torpor.com

Fractal Explorer: www.eclectasy.com/Fractal-Explorer/

Repligator: www.ransen.com/Repligator/default.htm

Mehdi Plugins for Photoshop, Elements, and Irfanview: www.mehdiplugins.com/

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Crystal A Murray
December 2005
From Southern CA & Northern AZ then marriage in Louisville KY
Corydon, Indiana, USA
I am:
Female and Taken
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For One Soul - Live every moment of your life as if it could be FOR ONE SOUL.