Artist, Metaphysician/Philosopher, and Romantic from Austin Texas. If anyone is on facebook look me up @


Artist John Cruz grew up in the small Texas town of New Braunfels. He holds a B.F.A. from Texas State University and lives and works in Austin, Texas. He draws inspiration from his travels and pop culture. He has dabbled in several different styles including Pop Art but recently moved into more of a abstract sensibility, referencing everyday objects and situations in an attempt to find a common thread to which everyone can relate. He looks to find the social commentary and humor in the commonality of his themes. This he believes leads to the true essence and takes you above and beyond what you may think of a particular subject. He comments: “When you look at an object or person and find its banality and its strangeness at the same time, that’s the moment I want to cature – the absurdity of that moment is what I find interesting. If I can convey this to someone viewing my work, if someone can take pause and perhaps laugh to themselves, I consider that success.”


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