What course will Charlotte-Mecklenburg chart for all its residents over the next ten years as we deal with issues of access, equity, inclusion and trust in the social, political, economic and cultural life of the community?

Crossroads Charlotte provides opportunities for organizations, institutions and individuals to examine four plausible possible futures for the Charlotte community and then to take action to steer the community towards positive aspects of those futures.

The goal of Crossroads Charlotte is to choose and pursue a future for Charlotte, not just arrive in one. With an emphasis on creating a community that is accessible to all, inclusive and equitable, the goal of Crossroads Charlotte is to build a trusting, vibrant and sustainable home.

Since 2005, organizations, institutions and people across the community have been taking a look at possible futures and CHOOSING to take action to steer the community towards a positive future.

What's happening? Take a look at the impact of Crossroads Charlotte on our website.

The Crossroads Charlotte Correspondents are a team of journalists and freelancers who tell the stories of people, groups and institutions who are working to build social capital in Charlotte.

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September 2009
Charlotte, USA
Crossroads Charlotte