Crochet Kitten is home of Selena K, the Crochet Kitten! She is the voice, mascot, and inspiration of Crochet Kitten, which is run by The Animator's Wife, Stacy Vaka.

The Animator's Wife learned the art of crochet from her aunt when she was 12 years old, and after a brief career as a veterinary technician, she decided to become a stay-at-home mother when her daughter, Little Lovely, was born. But since times can be tight in a single income family, Crochet Kitten has grown to allow The Animator's Wife to continue to support her crochet and belly dance habits. (And just who is The Animator? Step right this way and say hello to Nick!)

Crochet Kitten is dedicated to spreading the love of crochet and teaching it to the world. Our patterns reflect the interests of the household, namely belly dance, fashion, geekery, and pets. And since we know how expensive being a parent can be, all of our patterns for children and babies will always and forever be offered for free.

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April 2007
Manassas, United States
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