my name is Cristian Galletti.


I 'm a freelance photographer. I love street photography and every image regarding people.

I work for brands and agencies and I'm available for photo shoots and do offer my images for sale.

You can find and buy my pictures on Getty Images.

I'm based in Reggio Emilia, Italy and I live this country.

I can give you a lot of photography advices if you think to travel in Italy. Interesting spots and cities or the optimal moment of the year to get the perfect light.

I shoot using a Nikon D700 camera with various lenses: my favourite is the 50 mm F/1.4.


Two times a year I organize a photography course for newbies in partnership with the photo club of my home town. It's very ineresting to see how people love photography and every time I learn something new.


I try to constantly challenge myself, looking at the work of other great photographer.


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I hope you enjoy my shots.



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Instagram: www.instagram.com/crisg/

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/cristiangalletti/


========== The Legal Bit ==========


Cristian Galletti's photos are copyrighted material and all rights are reserved, they are NOT available for use on websites, blogs or other media without his explicit written permission. This means you must have permission to use the photos in any way that does not fall under the limited rights granted by the "fair use" clause of the copyright law. "Fair use" does not extend to taking the photos and putting them on your own website, even if modified and for non-commercial use. Ask permission to the author if you want to make use of this material.

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