Creative Places is a nationally unique partnership between Arts Council England Yorkshire and Eventus, an independent cultural development agency based in Sheffield and Sheffield City Council. Creative Places uses creativity and the arts to make great places.

Over recent years the city centre has been transformed into a thriving metropolitan hub with a lively mix of shopping and workspace, new city centre living, high quality public services and cultural facilities all set within an award-winning public realm. A vibrant creative industries sector, a growing programme of cultural events and public arts commissions within the city’s streets and open spaces have all helped to make culture and the arts part of everyday life in Sheffield and part of the city’s economic future.

Creative Places, established in 2006, takes this approach beyond the city centre to Sheffield’s residential areas. The main aim of the programme is to develop Council staff to commission high quality cultural activity as part of the regeneration process in neighbourhoods. This includes involving artists and creative practioners to develop imaginative tools for consulting and engaging with local people, to create distinctive public realm proposals and to promote artists workspace and creative enterprises within neighbourhoods.

This is a challenging process, not least because it takes skill to commission high quality creative projects that have a lasting impact. Over the last three years Creative Places has supported regeneration teams to develop these skills and to undertake a range of interesting projects.

Regeneration in Sheffield engages local people and stakeholders to help shape the places where they live and work. Creative Places puts local culture and the arts at the heart of the regeneration process: by engaging people in new and different ways, by making places that are locally distinctive and by bringing high quality art and artists into neighbourhoods.

This site draws together the experience of the last three years and allows for the addition of future developments. It is part of an advocacy programme developed by Eventus with funding from Arts Council Engand.

This includes a conference in Sheffield on September 15th 'Creative Places, embedding culture into regeneration'

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