Hi! My name is Tina~ I'm a Vietnamese/Chinese and a native Texan! I've been dating the greatest guy ever (!!) for over 10 years now! My current obsessions/addictions at the moment are BJDs, Wakfu, Ragnarok Online & World of Warcraft! My favorite band EVER is Mae, but I'm also currently obsessed with LIGHTS! They're so awesome! I think Blue Bear, Gloomy Bear, & Chococat are the cutest characters ever! And if I ever have time, you can find me playing games such as Kingdom Hearts & Zelda! I've recently taken up sewing and I love it! I love creating clothes for dolls! :D

For anyone who was wondering, all my older pictures were taken with my Sony Cybershot & Nikon D80! My new pictures are taken with my Nikon D3200.

I started collecting Pullips in July 2007, but now have sold them all and now into BJDs. This Flickr account is mainly filled with pictures of my dolls & my babies, Kairi, Barrin, & Zelda as well as my baby girl, Catalina ("Meo")~ Sometimes, I do, however, upload random pictures of my life! Stay tuned!

I currently have:
♡♀ Nikki [DF Pet Ari Dalsoo]
♡♀ Kimmie [Luts ZDF Wolffy - The Grandma]
♡♂ Titan [Luts ZDF Lio - Fencer Boy]
♡♀ Zephii Lunelle Vanetia [FL MNF VE Chloe Mod]
♡♂ Brink Rixon Knightley [FL MNF Karsh]
♡♀ Evie [Luts ZDF Truffle - Blue Ver.]
♡♀ Nem Mina Knightley [FL PKF Luna]
♡♂ Kenji [Luts ZDF Papi - D'artagnan]
♡♀ Pommie [FL MNF Celine]
♡♀ Bambi Reese Elkins [FL MNF Juri '08]
♡♂ Rayleigh Kai Elkins [FL MNF Yder]
♡♂ Journey (James Tisbury Cygnus) [FL MNF Rix]
♡♀ Wish [Luts ZDF Rumi - Sandy]
♡♀ Nem (goddess form) [FL MNF Mio]
♡♂ Riyan Jet Cygnus [FL MNF Seorin]
♡♀ Amberly Mia Elkins [FL PKF Mio]
♡♀ Vienna Risa Leitner [FL NF 2014]
♡♀ Kairi [Dearmine Gorgi]
♡♀ Dream [Luts ZDF Bichon - Queen]
♡♀ Zelda [Dearmine Gorgi - Smile Ver.]
♡♀ Alyssa Mari Winter [FL MNF Marcia]
♡♂ Chrom Thierry Mattix [FL MNF Spring 2017]

Creature Artdolls:
♡♂ Chrom (wolf form) [Creatures of Nat Wolf]
♡♂ Hyperion [Creatures of Nat Griffin]

♀ Kimochi Emi Lumena [FL MNF Ria]
♂ Kerberos [Creatures of Nat Lion]
♂ Siberia [Creatures of Nat Sabertooth]
♀ Euphorie [Creatures of Nat WInged Enfield]
Clear Smoke Ria Wings

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    • valeria says:

    "Tina. I love you best bud. (:"

    June 26th, 2010

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    ColourfulSam. says:

    "I can’t believe I haven’t written a testimonial about Crazy Kimochi yet!!

    She is so kind and takes such amazing photos :) I love all her dolls. They each have a unique beauty about them that no other dolls have. And I can’t wait to see pictures of her dream bjd when she saves up enough to get her!
    She is so talented at making stuff for Pullips, But most of all, her amazing headbands which she sent me for Christmas with some cute bracelets. I love them :D
    I hope I get a chance to meet you and your dolls in person at a dolly meet sometime :)
    Thank you so much Tina and never stop your photography! It’s perfect."

    February 1st, 2010

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    lariagann says:

    "AWESOMEAWESOMEAWESOME is what CrazyKimochi is. Her dolls are just amazing and I WISH THEY WERE MINE they're s awesome. :0 And you know, I need a a complete new WORD just do describe how awesomely nice and awesome she is. I can't believe nobody has written a testimonial about her yet!"

    May 28th, 2009

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    pullipninahaute says:

    "I have never written a testimonial about Tina?
    Well I will right now :)

    Tina was the first person I met in the dolly world (followed my Mawi and Yukittie) and she has always been so nice :D

    I love to talk to her about Taylor Swift and such and she has such amazing girls :D

    Never stop collecting okay????

    Lot's of Love"

    May 18th, 2009

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    PrincessTomato∴vignette whore∴ says:

    "Crazy is an awesome lady! She's such a sweetie heart, fun to talk to, takes the best pictures, and is really fun to swap with! You can bring a personality out of doll better than anyone else I can think of! Thanks for being a great dolly friend!"

    March 12th, 2009

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    This is Kerrarr, Alma Sullivan, foREVer. says:

    "Tina is awesome!
    She's is the nicest seller i know!
    I'm soo happy i got to know her.

    February 15th, 2009

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