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Still can't understand this need to freeze a moment...

Bloody red love
Carlos and Mariana are in love... I look at those hands, so different in color, so the same in emotions. They're both young, they both know there's evil under the sun, they both know they can count on each other, they both know that they can count on their friends,... after all this, when all of us are split into atoms, these moments will stay engraved as the essence of humanity. I was a witness and I'm glad for it...

Two of my most exhilarating days, in my whole life, were taking pictures. Once in several deserted villages at Serra da Lousã and in Tavira (Algarve) old part of town with two lovely girls in the middle of those white walls, cats sleeping, flowers and old widows knitting.

Use to shoot with my 35 mm SLR Canon A1. Problem was always the printing so I slipped to slide. Then stopped for years and now restarted with digital SLR Canon EOS 400D. Love to shoot simple patterns and colors, very minimal, silhouettes, doors, windows, to isolate unusual stuff, decay - like boats, cars, houses - and industry. Landscape and portrait are really hard to shoot. Love to shoot people but sometimes feel very invasive... anyway, old loves die hard as the song says...

Places I love: S.Martinho do Porto, S.Pedro de Moel, Portinho da Arrábida, Óbidos, Monsaraz, Monsanto (restaurante Adega Típica O Cruzeiro com o seu arroz de galo), Sortelha, Castelo Rodrigo, Longroiva, Portinho do Canal (restaurante ao pé de Milfontes), Comporta, praia de Vale dos Homens (Aljezur), Fábrica (Ria Formosa), Cacela Velha, serra da Lousã, Minho, Gerêz, Cerveira, rio Coura, Galicia, french Bretagne, Roma, Chicago, Seattle, Cuba, Guadeloupe, Austria, Prague, Canada, Alaska, Arizona, Siberia, remote islands, chiloe, patagonia, tierra del fuego, ...



Geoffrey King

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