Gay bear who just turned 59 - Just really into showing off a bit and having a perv at all the other good looking bears here, and enjoy some of my fetishes online.

Go to the Gym regularly - always try to make it twice a week after work. Read lots of things: sf, mysteries, historical and fact yarns. Do Computer Programming and Support Management for a living.

Bit of a 'train brain'. Look after a number of web site related to railways and have a heavy involvement with the National Railway Museum. Hence all the railway photos under my account. I have major interest in rolling stock rather than engines.

Have a thing for guys wearing speedos, briefs, nlyon, lycra, panties, some lingerie (as long as the body is a masculine male) - basically I have a major underwear fetish (male or female as long as its a butch guy wearing it); I love seeing the dick outlined in anything soft, clingy and sexy, it doesn't matter if he's wearing male or female underwear either is a major turn on, it just has to be well fitting and showing a nice outline.

I'm told I come across as being a very masculine guy - not many people seem to realize I'm gay until I tell them 'I live with a guy'. It always strikes me as funny, because I just always try to be myself.

Being an Aussie I naturally have worn speedos when swimming for as long as I can remember. Re Briefs, I'm not entirely sure why I think guys look good wearing briefs and singlets - probably getting a hard on looking at all the older daddy bears in singlets with the white briefs showing above their work shorts when I was teenager didn't help ;-)

I can remember getting changed after swimming and watching all the hairy middle aged guys taking off their tight speedos (the daddies also looked rather good in their wet nylon speedos with the water dripping down their fur) and putting on navy or white high wasted briefs and matching singlet - thinking about it still makes me hard. In Oz, navy blue singlets are still traditional wear for manual collar workers, but unfortunately this style of briefs are not all the popular now :-(

I'm not worried if you think I'm a little strange and not interested in all the things I am. If some of it is your scene, and your a masculine blokey bloke who is willing to share face photos, then I'm usually happy to make you a friend. Also girly guys are a real turn off for me - I only like butch men wearing all sort of interesting things (beards, hairy and some muscle are what look good to me ;-) especially in underwear of any sort)

After looking at my profile you probably realize I'm a bit of an extrovert show off - I think I'm only a mild show off, but some people disagree (chuckle chuckle)

I'm happy to share photos and email with people that are turned on by similar things to me (I do have quite a number of clothing related fetishes, as mentioned above). Despite my looks, I don't bite.

As mentioned before I love hairy guys in briefs, speedos, lingerie and swimsuits. This also means I enjoy wearing them myself. If they are not all your thing, then that's fine with me, just ignore them. If you enjoy them, then let me know and I might share a few more hidden ones with you.

If your interested in any of my railway related photos, I do have a lot more that are not uploaded here. Last time I checked (that was a while ago) I had collected over 250,000 railway photographs on my computer, so if you are after something to do with the Commonwealth or South Australian Railways rolling stock or buildings, its possible I might have it stored away in my collection somewhere.


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    catketch28 says:

    "The enthusiasm Chris shows for his passions shows throughout his large and wonderful photo collection. Few men tuck their underwear as handsomely as you certainly do!
    - Tom"

    March 20th, 2009

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    INNU3NDO says:

    "I love all your pics

    January 17th, 2008

September 2006
Adelaide, Australia
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ICT Systems Engineer
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