i am an amatuer photographer who is just looking to grow and get better

camera history
i have had film cameras my whoile life but digital changed everything. i bought my first digital camera in 1999. it was an olympus d450. (wow! 1.2 megapixels and a 1280x960 resolution). in the summer of 2000 i moved on to the canon powershot s100. wow, wat a great camera in a small package. i had the 200, the 230 and currently still have the 400 in the series. however, in march 2005, i bought the nikon d70 and nothing has really been the same.

in august of 2004 i posted my first picture to flickr. i had joined a month earlier and was instantly hooked. i remember i spent a night sitting at my kitchen table refreshing the screen looking at "everyones photos" as they came in. you had to refresh every 30 seconds (or more sometimes) back then to get new pics.

the second nail in my flickr coffin was chase. chase was and still is my favorite group ever on flickr. i met all of the old time flickr greats and was happy to be a part of it.

finally, i have gotten a lot of my real-world group of friends on flickr and it makes me happy that we have a forum to share our group from all of the different corners of the world in which we live. it is also nice that disconnected parts of my friend group can all become friends. that is magic flickr glue.

jaymce. Get yours at flagrantdisregard.com/flickr

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    Shooz says:

    "Jimmy's pics were always good, but then he went a-travelling. And now they are WOW! What an eye for composition and colour, and what an all-round cool guy :)"

    August 24th, 2006

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    SiYH says:

    "If nothing else, Jaymce was a great half-troublemaker (HG+beer) at the San Francisco meetups, though I will miss him now that he beat me in moving to Chicago.

    Photgraphically Jaymce and I both have sort of scattered styles, in my opinion, but he is amazing nonetheless. He has shot up the Flickr talent ladder (as it were, no bitterness, he is better, nooo bitterness) like a rocket, and is still on his way up. I look forward to seeing the tail end of his SE Asia set, and future shoots.

    Yay Jaymce."

    August 13th, 2006

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    figment says:

    "jaymce - you rock my world, always have. with your recommendations of good restaurants, your delicious risotto and chicago-style dinners, and the finer things... and your precious little doggy that i can't get enough of... and your generosity... and the fun times i've had with you. you are quality peeps, i'm happy to have you in my life. don't change, freak that you are - i love you for being you."

    August 17th, 2005

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    Sugar Booger says:

    "jimmy photographs like he cooks...he doesn't believe in the cookie cutter recipes....in fact, he's violently opposed to adhering to a formula when it comes to both art forms...(i should know, i've been in a kitchen with him around very sharp objects). He takes chances, trusts his gut, and he never disappoints. The results are always delicious concoctions that stimulate the senses and delight the soul. oh, and he's got a damn cute doggie who appears regularly in his photostream!"

    August 5th, 2005

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    brendadada says:

    "Jimmy posts technically brilliant pictures, funny pictures, engaging half-stories, and a truly wonderful bridge. His photostream is simply fun! Watch him, like I do, regularly."

    February 11th, 2005

jimmy "good times" walker
August 2004
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