Hello World. My name is Coty. I am a professional student. I like chicken but I like Apple Computers even more (if you’re stuck in a Windows world I really do feel sorry for you). I rocked an iPod before it was cool. Shit, I rocked an Apple computer before it was cool, 5620/120 baby. With that said – Steve jobs is pure genius. I enjoy Green Day. Jack Johnson is a genius of the lyrical sort. Bob Marley is the man. I very much do not like Metallica (expecially Lars Ulrich) with a passion. With a Passion. Exclamation. Superman is amazing. I build interactive and content rich websites for fun. I own five domain names. I dig Digg.com.


I love Hawaii. Hawaii is cool – literally and figuratively. Romance is beautiful. Always remember to put oil in your car. I don’t like chemistry but I am learning to adapt. I enjoy the physical, natural and social sciences. Integration is key. I don’t have migraines, but I live it through research. Marijuana and methamphetamines are part of my day job. You should always have a sound experimental design.


I believe that life should be lived to the fullest and with no regrets. Sometimes plain stupidity is a life saver – it makes you smile. In order to have balance in life you need fundamentals – a very smart man once told me that. I am a proud Ilokano specific Filipino. My grandpa is a Sakada. I can read, write and speak Ilokano. Lived in Hawaii all my life. Talk about leaving but don’t really want to. One day you will be able to call me professor. But I still will prefer Coty. Peace out.

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  • JoinedJune 2005
  • OccupationGraduate Student
  • HometownHonolulu, HI
  • CountryUSA


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