I have been a 'plane spotter' since May 1973, but since 2003 have stopped writing down registrations and concentrating more on photographing every airframe I see, no matter how poor the quality might be.


These photographs are slowly being posted on here with the thought that not being able to turn back time, and without using expensive camera equipment, the pictures I took are now history, and so these aircraft and more importantly, the background should hopefully jog the memories of many in the years to come.


I had concentrated a lot of my free time to maintaining a website covering the history of my local airfield at Baginton near Coventry. ( NOW discontinued as from Jan 2017).


I have also posted a lot of images sent to me from around the world from contacts that helped me illustrate an old aircraft production database website [that I've also closed down] but I'm slowly finding out that a lot of these so-called personal images were ''stolen'' from other internet sites! As I had added my site copyright details, these images look like I've been stealing them myself, which I wholeheartedly deny!


Just to clarify: If any image on here looks like it has been lifted off another site, then please contact me and I shall remove it ASAP, and I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused through my trusting nature, I am not here to make money nor upset genuine photographers.


Well many thanks for taking the time to view my pictures,


Regards from Coventry, UK


Dave (aka Coptercrazy aka Lenny aka CVT-wings)

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