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    ♞Jenny♞ says:

    "Bill has been a contact/friend of mine on flickr for a long time and this testimonial is long over due.

    What likely prompted me to take action and write this finally, aside from all his great images, was a chance encounter in our local Grange store recently with the books on their book rack.

    I had stopped into the Grange to buy dog food and as I walked by the books, I happened to notice one about trail riding with a particularly pretty picture on the cover. A beautiful Paint horse carrying a young gal, heading up a trail surrounded by yellow and lavender wild flowers and evergreen trees in the background. I thought to myself "Now that looks like a picture Bill would have taken."

    And by golly, turns out it was indeed one of Bill's photos.

    If like me, you are a lover of horses and the outdoors, fresh mountain air, beautiful scenery and plenty of wild life, Bill's stream is a stop you need to make in your travels through flickr land. His is one of the best.

    And by the way, I DID buy the book and it stays on my night stand where I can flip through it and enjoy that beautiful cover, by my friend Bill.

    Thanks Bill. You're the best!"

    August 13th, 2010

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    CharlieBrown8989 says:


    If you love country life & country, Nature shots then you are in the right place.

    I love horse & mountains... He did it so well that there is no other that I found so far.

    A kind person & motivator. Is great to have him a friend."

    January 29th, 2007

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    Moonsoverwater says:

    "I remember my first encounter in meeting this "hearty" man,
    He was sitting at the veterinarians office where I worked at the time and had a article he had written along with photos and I was so drawn to his work and longed to hit a trail with him as my guide!
    I soon had that privilege and caught the riding and flickr fever!
    He not only is a AWESOME photographer. but a GOOD guide, GREAT camp cook and WONDERFUL host!
    God did the painting and Bill captures if for us to view!
    There IS a reason why you are here Mr. Erickson!"

    January 24th, 2007

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    Dave Schreier says:

    "There are few photographers like Copperhorse who truly capture the heart and soul of their surroundings. Every image gives us a glimps into a world full of beauty and adventure. Images that makes us long to leave our day jobs and head into the wilderness. I long to live in such a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing your wonderful images with us all. I can't wait to see what you will capture in the future."

    December 27th, 2006

William Erickson
November 2006
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