Hi and Nice to meet you. I guess if you're reading this, you're wondering who on earth is responsible for this stream.

So here is a little introduction of myself. I live in Australia and have lived here since I was two years old. My family is Chinese and I speak Cantonese at home. I do everything outdoors from bush walking, fishing to scuba diving.

I've always wanted a camera and have red a few photography books even before I owned one. Most of the photos I take are inspired by my child hood fascination with nature, wildlife and creatures great and tiny. When I was in primary school, I used to pin insects on foam boxes only to watch them disintegrate. I have a tendency to want to keep and breed things. This might explain why I have 5 fish tanks at home and have bred over 15 species of fishes. I had birds and lizards and have raised baby insects to adulthood and letting them go. I also keep bonsai.

From about mid high school, I question the ethics of keeping anything in cages and have since stopped (except for my fishes which are mostly ornamental species). I have 3 dogs.

Photography has provided a way for me to capture and remember amazing things I see. It has provided me the media and the opportunity to share with you, the beauty that surrounds us. Although my photos are dominated by macro life, I hope photography will allow me to express my creative inner self and share it with you.

Flickr has been everything inspirational. I have definitely met some fantastic people and extremely appreciative of the the magical work they have shared with me.

Lets keep taking photos...extend our eyes through the lens and make eternal those images that make us special.

Through my Flickr friends, I have been to places I have never imagine. I have seen things that I never knew existed ... I thank you for showing me the world....I have traveled, by just visiting your beautiful photostreams.

Let me show you my world.....

... Dennis

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    eliteting says:

    "Hi Dennis! I think I'm gonna be your first flickr friend writing the testimonial :)))
    I know Dennis when I was 1st time in Flickr :) that was a half a year ago :D and from what I've seen thru his photostream, I know Dennis has a great taste in taking photos.
    If you notice, his photos always have fabulous colors. And not to mention he's very good in Macro :))
    I like visiting his stream cos that makes me more 'alive' by seeing the beauty hidden by nature and by looking his macro images, it's like seeing 'another' small world :)
    Thank you, Dennis. I am glad we're friends and I'm happy I can always enjoy your works. All the best for you! -T(May'09)"

    May 15th, 2009

Dennis Long
December 2008
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