Greetings! Welcome to one of my homes here in cyberspace. What you see here is my life in photos, from high school to the present. All the pictures on here are mine, except a few which were taken by friends and are marked as such. I have put ALL my photos on here, including some blurry ones, figuring someone might like them. However some have been hidden from public view to respect the requests for privacy of some individuals, to comply with Flickrs rules on nudity, or for several other reasons.

I have been trying to identify and label as many people from my past as possible, but the winds of time have swept some names and spellings from my mind. So if you are in a picture or you know someone in a picture then please leave any information you can about them in the comment section. And I would love to hear from you, so drop me a line using flickr mail or email me at

I am Male and over 18 years old

And to all my fellow backpackers out there who have met me on the road, if you stumble on these pictures, then drop me a line and say hi!

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Congo Chris

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April 2006
St. Charles, Illinois
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