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Welcome to the 'Conflict and Community: Northampton Remembers the First World War' digital archive.


Northampton Museums & Art Gallery hold extensive social and military history collections associated with the First World War. The items illustrate life on the home front and the front line and provide an insight into the lives of soldiers from the Northamptonshire Regiment and Northamptonshire Yeomanry.


Here, you can browse through a range of objects, photographs, documents and oral histories relating to the First World War and add comments or share experiences with other visitors.


This archive was made possible by support from the Heritage Lottery Fund, Royal & Derngate, Northampton Borough Council and Historical Archive at Northampton General Hospital.


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Explore, Learn, Share

Having shared these collections with you, we hope that you will use this space to share your own experiences and family stories associated with the First World War. This is a public sharing space for people to interact with each other and engage with the objects and stories featured in this archive. We will not contribute to the comments but we hope you enjoy the archive and welcome you all to visit and view our military collections at Abington Park Museum in Northampton.


Sensitive materials statement:

Due to the subject matter, some of the objects, photos and audio recordings contained within this collection may contain sensitive content that some people may find unsettling or distressing.


Take down policy:

Northampton Museums & Art Gallery have made every effort to ensure that the content featured on this website complies with UK copyright law. Should you discover any material that you believe infringes on your statutory rights, please direct your concerns to the museums team.


Please contact us if you are the owner of the copyright to any material featured in this digital archive and you believe that the item(s) may be subject to third party ownership, a legal claim or the material infringes on your intellectual property rights.


In order for us to process your enquiry, please send us a link to the relevant item and outline your reasons for withdrawal from the digital archive:


In-line with UK law, if your objection is judged valid we will withdraw the material/item from the website and we will notify you once this has been done.

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